5 Coffee Shops Near Campus That You Need to Try!

March 24, 2023

Am I the only one who did nothing during reading week? Personally, I was extremely drained before reading week, so I did the bare minimum that week (I had a lot to do, but I had zero motivation). I took that week for myself, but now everything is catching up to me. Something that boosts my mood is coffee. Our campus is located in the heart of Toronto. There are a variety of restaurants with different cuisines and the cutest and most unique cafés. Since my time at the school and being a coffee lover myself, I have definitely taken advantage of the coffee shops nearby, and I’m going to tell you some of my favourites! These five cafés are definitely worth checking out:

1. Dineen Coffee Co. (140 Yonge Street)

Located about ten minutes away from campus, this coffee shop is a must-visit. For me, cafés aren’t just about their food, coffee, drinks, or pastries, the environment and space definitely add to the experience, and Dineen is known for just that! They have a selection of different coffees and beautiful indoor decor. This café is always booming, with seating that is hard to find. In the nicer months, they have an outdoor patio that is definitely the place to be. 


2. Mast Coffee (68 Shuter Street)

This cozy coffee shop is a hidden gem. It’s only a short walk away from TMU’s campus. Since it’s so close, it’s a great pick-me-up between classes if you don’t have time to wait in the Balzac line. It is a low-key coffee shop with some of my favourite music playing. Mast has an intimate environment that is great for studying alone or catching up with a friend. The workers there are also so friendly, so that is an added bonus! 

3. Neo Coffee Bar (770 Bay Street)

Neo’s coffee and bakery items have a Japanese influence. The sleek and modern decor makes this place great for Instagram pics! The coffee is super strong (I really like strong coffee) but has the perfect amount of sweetness to complement it. The times I’ve gone, I have found it jam-packed, and it was hard to find a spot. When I did find a place to sit, it was a tight space between two other people. With the busyness comes people talking (obviously), so I couldn’t do work there. Plus, their small tables didn’t allow that too! Nonetheless, if you are looking for good quality coffee and even something to satisfy your sweet tooth, Neo has just that. 

4. Sud Forno (132 Yonge Street)

Sud Forno is located right across the street from Dineen Coffee, and the big difference is the space. Sud Forno has various seating options, from bar stools to booths, to classic chairs and tables. This café is extremely spacious and which I find rare with the rest of the cafés I mentioned. It’s a great place to catch up with friends or grab a quick bite to eat. Sud Forno has a variety of lunch options (pizzas and sandwiches). A few downsides are they don’t have wifi, so you can’t study there. As well as, when I have gone, there hasn’t been a drinks menu, so I’m unable to explore other coffees and end up sticking with my safe option and getting an iced latte. 


5. Le Génie Bakery & Espresso (382 Yonge Street)

Le Génie is a small coffee shop with a wide variety of pastries and food (mainly sandwiches). One downfall is that their products are pretty pricey. However, the croissant I ordered was delicious and probably had the best croissant out of the rest of the other cafés I suggested. The decor and croissants are Instagram-worthy, but the price doesn’t make up for it. In the nicer months, they have an outdoor patio that feels like an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. If you haven’t checked it out yet at least once, I recommend you do!

Check out these excellent coffee shops and tell me your favorite café! I would love to hear suggestions about other coffee shops in the city too! 

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Liya (she/her) is in her second year and is in the RTA Sport Media program. Liya is from the GTA (Mississauga) but has always loved the city. She is passionate about sports, specifically soccer and hockey. You can find her exploring new cafes, scrolling on Tik Tok, and listening to music. She is super excited to be joining SpiritLive this semester!