SpiritLive is a 24/7 web-streaming broadcast station, featuring original content produced by students of the RTA School of Media from our studios in the Allan Slaight Radio Institute at Ryerson University.

SpiritLive’s goal is to provide RTA students with a platform from which they can create and disseminate media, putting to use the knowledge, skills, and creativity they have honed in the RTA program.

SpiritLive accepts show applications during the first two weeks of the Fall semester, and the first week of the Winter semester. Students can apply to host either a weekly Live Radio Show, or an on-demand Podcast. 

You must pitch your show to us through the application form. Successful applicants will be contacted for an interview. If you pass the interview round, your show will be greenlit. Programmers and Podcasters will then be required to take part in mandatory studio training.

SpritLive Radio Shows are shows that take place at a scheduled time slot once every week. Radio Shows run for 50 minutes long, and can be streamed on TuneIn or through our website

Podcasts are pre-produced shows that are available online and on demand. They can be streamed through our website or through platforms programmers have submitted their RSS feeds to.

Live Shows: The SpiritLive uses a logger system to keep copies of episodes once live shows have been completed. To access your show’s archived copies, use the following instructions:

Podcasts: You can listen to your show on your show webpage on the SpiritLive website. You can find your show under the ‘Podcasts’ tab.

Podcast submissions are accepted every Monday, and uploaded by our Web Coordinator on Friday. To submit your episode, upload it to your show’s Google Drive folder the fill out the Google Form we shared with you so we’ll know to grab it! We then listen to episodes and draft up feedback. We’ll get back to you with any changes needed before we can upload your episode.

SpiritLive accepts blog writer applications once a year, during the Fall semester. Once the application is posted, students can round up any previous writing material they may have worked on and apply via email. Those who seem like a good fit for the blog will be contacted for an interview, and then notified if they have been selected.

The amount of hours you earn will depend on what initiatives you are a part of! There is no set number, but hopefully these will give you a rough idea:

Radio Shows: Radio programmers are guaranteed to earn 1 hour per episode. 

Podcasts: Podcasters are responsible for logging their hours. The amount you earn will be dependent on how long you spend on pre-production, recording, and editing, and other tasks related to your creating your podcast. 

Blogging: Blog writers earn 3 hours per blog article submitted and pitched on time with substantial research. 

Spirit¹ Radio, specialty programming & other opportunities: Hours will vary depending on the needs of these programs and/or the SpiritLive Staff.

Creative Practice Hours must be signed off by your point of contact. These are as follows:

Radio Shows & Podcasts: Request hours from the SpiritLive Station Manager

Blog Writers: Request hours from the SpiritLive Community Coordinator

You can get your hours signed in-person by your point of contact. 

In the event that you can’t meet with them, there is a Creative Practice Hours drop box in the SpiritLive Office (RCC 162E – located in the Allan Slaight Radio Institute). Drop off your form in the red bin, and once it’s signed it will be in the green bin for you to pick up at your convenience. Please fill in all your information before dropping off your form!

No – all Control Room bookings are to be made through the EDC.

If your podcast has submitted all prerequisites, including description and logo (3000px by 3000px), we will generate an RSS feed link for you. This link will need to be submitted to Apple and Spotify, or wherever else you want your podcast to show up.

You can then submit your link to Apple Podcasts Connect or Spotify for Podcasters. Both platforms are known to be picky, so send us an email with a screenshot if you run into an error. 

Podcasts will be added to your RSS feed at the same time as they are made available for streaming on the SpiritLive site. See “I have a SpiritLive Podcast. How do I get my podcast episodes on the website” above for information on how to get your podcast on our website.

Alternatively, you can host your podcast yourself. There are many podcast hosting services or WordPress plugins available.