How to Log Your Media Like a Pro

March 21, 2023

If you’ve read any of my past SpiritLive articles, this introduction might sound familiar: If you’re like me, you too are someone who loves tracking down the media you consume, whether it be books, music, movies, and more. This fact about me definitely still stands;  in this blog I will be discussing the different websites/apps that allow users to keep track of/rate/review/log their different hobbies, such as concerts they’ve attended, TV and movies they’ve seen, books read, and their favourite music. These websites not only allows you to keep track of our experiences, but also is a cool way to time capsule your experiences and the things that you enjoy.


By far one of the most popular logging websites, Letterboxd is a fan favourite for a reason- this platform is the number one online platform for film lovers. Letterboxd has everything any user would want in a logging website- it allows you to log all of the movies you’ve seen, create lists and a watchlist, write reviews, follow your friends, and discover new films, genres, actors, and crew. The clean aesthetic of this website can be attractive to anyone, and its user-friendly interface encourages its users to become involved with the online community. Because of how fun this website is, the first thing I ever do after watching a movie is to log it in Letterboxd. 

Concert Archives

Any avid concert fans will absolutely love this website. Concert Archives allows users to do exactly what the name suggests: keeps an archive of concerts that they’ve attended. Users can create their concert history with information as specific as logging bands, dates, venues, photos, videos, even who you went with. Additionally, users can check setlists from the concerts, add photos and videos, research past concerts, follow friends, and see stats regarding the venues, artists they’ve seen and more. This website also keeps track of how many concerts an artist has performed in their careers, too. I definitely recommend this website for anyone who loves live music and wants to take a trip down memory lane! 

Rate Your Music

Calling all music lovers! Rate Your Music is a popular online database that connects music lovers all across the globe. Users are able to discover new music, new genres, view updated charts, the discographies of their favourite artists, create lists, and more. What I specifically love about this site is that you can write reviews for albums, which makes the experience all the more personal and enjoyable, as users can share their own opinions about their favourite (even least favourite!) albums, and read the opinions of others. Another small detail I like about this website is that you can even see a graph displaying the popularity of a specific genre over the years. 


Serializd is like the Letterboxd but for television shows. Serializd allows users to keep track of all of their favourite TV shows across all channels, platforms, and streaming services. Similarly to Letterboxd, users can create their own lists and write their own reviews for their favourite shows. Serializd also provides information about the television shows on their website, such as average runtime, overall rating out of 5, premier date, last episode date, genres, current status of the show, and also recommendations for similar shows. 


The StoryGraph

The StoryGraph is a Black-owned, easy-to-use, and Amazon-free alternative to Goodreads. Founded and run by Nadia Odunayo and Rob Frelow, this website utilizes the user’s data to provide the most accurate results based on their reading history and preferences in order to recommend books, create charts, and more. 

My full review of The Storygraph can be found here on SpiritLive. 

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