How the Canadian Women’s Soccer Gold Impacted Me

March 10, 2023

On August 6, 2021, Canadian Women’s soccer team took gold over Sweden. This was my favourite memory of any Canadian National team win. It was a historic moment, the first gold medal the Canadian women’s team won in soccer. It was also a very emotional moment for me. 

Growing up, I only really watched soccer unless it was a big game. I was always bored, but my coach wanted us to watch the game to learn from the players. Soccer is a slow-paced game (most of the time) and can be pretty dull, so I never listened to his advice. Though I have always loved watching the Canadian Women’s National Team (CWNT), I looked up to them. 

At the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics (which was held in 2021 due to COVID-19), Canada’s record in the preliminary round was 1-2-0, and they finished second in their group. Sweden’s record was 3-0-0, and they finished first in their group. 

Canada took on Brazil in the semi-finals and beat them 1-0. The next round was slightly more nerve racking. Canada was set to play the United States in the quarter finals. The States’ record was no better than Canada’s in the preliminary round. Still, historically the States has always been better, especially in women’s soccer. Canada pulled off the win advancing to the finals against Sweden.

I was nervous about Sweden opening up the scoring late in the first half. But I kept reminding myself that we had a whole other half. Watching an important game is always a roller coaster of emotions (I’m a Leaf fan, for context). With an early penalty kick taken by Jessie Fleming, the game was tied at one. I felt relieved until I realized extra time was going to solve this. The game went to penalties, and I was on the edge of my seat. 

I couldn’t breathe watching them. After every shot, a sigh of relief made me more stressed. Up until this moment: 

They were golden. I immediately started crying and had goosebumps all over my arms because it was a win for Canada and Canadian girls that play soccer. Watching a group of women work so hard was so inspiring to watch. Little girls everywhere have looked up to Christine Sinclair, so watching her finally be victorious was an indescribable feeling for me. 

Watching this group throughout the Olympics was amazing. The passion and fire from that team were extraordinarily motivating. They brought a whole new love and respect for women and soccer.

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Liya (she/her) is in her second year and is in the RTA Sport Media program. Liya is from the GTA (Mississauga) but has always loved the city. She is passionate about sports, specifically soccer and hockey. You can find her exploring new cafes, scrolling on Tik Tok, and listening to music. She is super excited to be joining SpiritLive this semester!