How to Throw an Oscars Party

March 7, 2023

I don’t know about you, but I take advantage of literally any opportunity to have a party. The 95th Academy Awards, AKA the Oscars, will be presented on March 12, 2023, and you’d better believe I plan on hosting an old Hollywood-style party in celebration. 

As always, we begin with decorations. For a theme such as this, we need a lot of gold, black, and red. Party stores usually have a great selection of these colours, and they even have really cool decorations for this exact theme. I found a lot of cute decorations at Party City under the search “Hollywood.” They have a 15-foot red carpet for only $10. What a steal! I also bought some large gold stars from my local dollar store and wrote the names of my guests in the middle of each one, like the Hollywood Walk of Fame. 

Pinterest, as usual, is my best friend for themed parties like these. I looked up “Oscars Party Ideas,” and found some amazing decorations, activities, and desserts that would elevate the party even more. Another place to look is Tik Tok. A lot of the time, people post step-by-step instructions on how to do certain DIYs, and that can be super helpful if you’re a visual learner like I am! The trick with a theme party is to not only buy giant attention-grabbing decorations but to also focus on small things that will make your guests think, “Oh wow! I’d never think of that!” Such as, adding little pom poms onto ballot pens, putting gold confetti on the tables, or buying gold/star-themed straws (paper, of course, #SaveTheTurtles.) 

Give your party decor a personal touch by making some yourself! Give these simple and festive projects a try.☺️

Oscar Ballot Pens 🖊

All you need are pens, pom-poms and hot glue. Add a dot of blue to the bottom end of a pen and place the pom pom on top. All done! 

Category Cupcake Toppers 🧁

Print out the different nomination categories and tape a toothpick to the back. Piece of cake.😉 

Film Frame Photo Prop 🎞

 Trace the shape of a film slide onto a black poster board and cut out the squares along the side and middle. It’s that easy.🤗 

Bowtie Glasses 🎀

Using a sheet of felt, cut out little rectangles with thinner rectangle strips. Pinch the middle of the larger rectangle, then tie around the winner piece. Cut off the excess and, using hot glue, adhere to the top of a glass. Add little buttons down the belly of the glass using small dots of hot glue. Cheers! 

As with any party, food and drinks are among the things that guests will pay the most attention to. I’m a sucker for a sweet table. I feel like you can get away with any type of catering as long as you have a table full of desserts that match your theme. Gold gum balls, red Twizzlers, caramel popcorn, etc. Another thing I’ve been focusing on recently is having a signature drink for the event. Having a pre-mixed drink in one of those cute glass or plastic drink dispensers is always a cute addition! You can even use a label to give it a witty name. Add a tray of ice and some cute cups and people won’t stop talking about how amazing your attention to detail is.

Another important part of any party is to have interactive elements. A very common trend at Oscars Parties is to have the guests fill out a pre-made Oscars Ballet and guess who they think the winners of each category will be. I like to take things a step further and create new categories that apply to my guests. Examples are; Best Fashion Sense, Best Dancer, Most … or you can go for really specific categories if something particularly impactful happened this year for your friends; Most shots of Amaretto taken in the span of 15 minutes without throwing up- now that’s a well-deserved award. You could have your guests write down someone’s name for each category at the beginning of your party and count them up to reveal the winners closer to the end. I found a pack of 6-inch tall Oscar-looking trophies on Amazon that are perfect little keepsakes to remember the night.

Hopefully, these ideas find their way into your next Oscar’s Party, or even Oscars Themed Party for a birthday, anniversary, or other celebration! Thanks for reading, and Happy Oscars!

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