Creative and Fun Courses to Take During Your Time at Ryerson!

Hey friends!

The average full-time student at Ryerson will take around 40 courses from start to finish (5 per semester).  We all know that struggle of trying to fit our mandatory courses in whilst hoping that our electives are not too difficult or boring.  With this in mind, I thought I’d share a few courses that have actually been fun, creative and “easy A” selections in my opinion.  These are for the students that enjoy participation, creativity and team work rather than theoretical learning, papers, homework and exams.  Without further ado, let’s get started!

is the closest we can get to studying in a forign country right now.  This innovative class is based on international collaboration with students from different countries! This semester’s sections include students from Hong Kong, Amsterdam and India.  My particular section is in collaboration with visual art students in Hong Kong! It has been wonderful to explore diverse methods of creating and critical thinking through this international discourse! I would 100% recommend taking this course if you’re interested in larger scale communication with creatives on the other side of the world! 

Fun fact, my class takes place at 8pm Toronto time, which is 8am Hong Kong time!!! (I just think that’s so cool lol)   

Want to build your confidence and performance skills in a safe and optimistic space? Then Improvisation is the course for you! This lighthearted and fun course allows students to engage their imagination and inner child with performance-based games and participation in team exercises.  Live a little, breathe a little, with Improv!

Lectures tend to be a drag.  Social Media with Hamza Khan was a breath of fresh air, the lectures were as alive and active as our constantly evolving world in this digital age! They featured accounts of current events and training on the latest skills and platforms to elevate one’s brand or business through lucrative marketing tactics.  I would definitely recommend this course!

with Ramona Pringle provided a thoughtful and future-forward exploration on a plethora of existing and developing virtual identities and communities, from online fan culture, to the world of AI (Artificial Intelligence) Bots.  This course was so interesting, especially in today’s age, where virtual interactions are a predominant method of community building!


I wish I had more to suggest, but these four are honestly my top recommendations! If you do end up taking any, I hope you love them as much as I did!

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