Summer Fashion Tips for RTA Folks (ft. a Fashion Student and an Influencer)

Flexing an outfit over Zoom has proven to be very difficult. It’s nothing like showing up to a mass lecture to show off some new fashions. 

That said, I don’t consider myself a fashion expert by any means. Walking through the Fashion hallway in Kerr Hall on my way to the RCC is always an experience. 

So, I figured I’d speak to some well-dressed friends of mine to prepare us all for the Summer and the (hopeful) return to in-person living.

I met Jerico De Vera and Paul Choe in high school (shoutout Brebeuf). Jerico currently studies Fashion at George Brown College and is thinking about coming to Ryerson Fashion after getting his diploma. Paul studies Creative Advertising at Humber College and is on another level when it comes to digital creativity and influencing (just look at his feed). 

The gentlemen are both very sharply dressed as well (that goes without saying). Feel free to explore Jerico’s (@jericodvera) and Paul’s (@happypaully) Instagram feeds. 


Here’s what they had to say about (unisex) fashion tips for the Summer:

“We promise that with these tips you’ll be ready for whatever summer throws at you” they claim.

Wear Light Tones

It’s basic science that lighter tones reflect light and darker tones absorb it. The same goes with the fabric colour choices you decide to incorporate into your summer fits. We suggest to opt in for white, beiges, and other neutral tones that reflect light and keep you sweatproof. Your dark and navy outfits are great for the fall and winter but in the summertime, it’s crucial to stay cool and protect yourself from heatstroke (you know how hot a Toronto summer can get).

Opt In for Loose Fitting Styles

It’s time to opt out of those itchy wool sweaters and move into the season of loose fit clothing. Loose fit clothing helps with air flow, temperature regulation, and ultimately gives your body a break from all that summer sweat. We suggest wearing lightweight fabrics such as linen, cotton, and other breathable fabrics (in loose fitting fashion if possible) to keep you cool during this summer. Plus- loose fit anything is really in trend lately. We’re talking loose pants, flowy dresses, oversized tees, and the whole shebang.

Accessories Are Mandatory

Summertime calls for sunshine and SPF (wear your sunscreen please)! There is no better time to bring out those jewellery pieces that were collecting dust during the colder months. This is a great time to bring out your jewellery pieces to compliment those amazing outfits you’re curating. This includes necklaces, chains, rings, pearls, and everything else you got. Even with the most basic and simple outfits, jewellery has the superpower of bringing out the best in your outfits- so never forget to accessorize. 


As always, let me know if you need a photographer for your eventual fit pics. If you want to keep up with Paul and Jerico, make sure to follow their Instagrams (linked above). The duo also run a podcast together, Our Truthful Take, where all the proverbial tea is spilled. It’s available on Spotify and Apple. Who knows- maybe they’ll even bring me on the podcast some time (please let me on guys)!

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