The Best of 2020 in Television

2020 will be known as the year we all stayed home. It was the year we learned how to stress-bake bread, fold all our cardboard boxes from our Amazon deliveries, and generally lose our collective minds inside. It was also the year where we probably watched the most TV. With theatres closed and film dates pushed back, the world turned to the TV screen (or for students, the laptop screen) to escape. So, to pay tribute, let’s review some of the best TV shows of 2020!


The Best Newcomer

2020 introduced a delightful spread of new shows to dig into. Whether it’s the hot, fiery Bridgerton (Netflix), the awkward, coming-of-age Never Have I Ever (Netflix), or the captivating The Last Dance (Netflix), there were so many shows to pick and choose from. But the best new show that was the healing balm to 2020 is…


Ted Lasso (Apple TV+)

Ted Lasso flew under the radar for most viewers this year due to its home at Apple TV+. But what is there is funny, fresh, and full of heart and optimism. Jason Sudeikis plays the titular character in what seems to be a typical cringe comedy, but is actually so genuine that everyone eventually falls hard for his charms. Even you!

The Best Farewell

This year, we had to say goodbye to some truly fantastic TV that’s been with us over the years. The beloved Schitt’s Creek (CBC, Netflix) went off the air to thunderous applause, as did The Good Place (NBC, Netflix), and the underrated One Day At A Time (Pop TV, Netflix). However, the best show that we’re going to miss most after 2020 is…


Bojack Horseman (Netflix)

Bojack Horseman slowly evolved into a force to be reckoned with, going into subjects many shows would not have dared to explore. But it did it so well, capturing the current zeitgeist of cultural issues and anxiety, as well as ending the show in a way that was hopeful and heartbreaking all at once. We’re sad to see it go!

The Best Return

2020 also brought back some superb shows, letting us all indulge in another season. The Boys (Amazon Prime), The Umbrella Academy (Netflix), and Dead To Me (Netflix), were just some returning players that captivated us. Special shoutout to What We Do In The Shadows (FX) for almost taking the top spot! But the show we were most excited to see return in 2020 was…


The Mandalorian (Disney+)

The second season of The Mandalorian took the Star Wars universe to new, exciting heights this year. The show not only immersed you into the galaxy far, far away that we all know and love, but also opened up new possibilities to explore things never seen in Star Wars before. Also there was Baby Yoda – need I say more?

The Best Overall

Finally, let’s look at the truly great shows of 2020. The Good Lord Bird (SHOWTIME), Little America (Apple TV+), and Better Call Saul (Netflix) all come to mind as masters of the medium. But there were two shows that stood out above the rest in 2020, and they are…


I May Destroy You (HBO, Crave) and The Queen’s Gambit (Netflix)

We just couldn’t separate these two joint winners! But what each show does is brilliant all on its own. I May Destroy You navigates the experience of trauma in startling intensity and complexity, while The Queen’s Gambit offers the failures and triumphs of confronting inner demons. While The Queen’s Gambit was the people’s choice for best show, either way, these two rise to the top and are our best shows of 2020!

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