Listening to My Followers Song Recommendations for 2 Hours

As a music lover, I constantly get song recommendations from friends that I tend to add to my playlist and forget about until days later! So, I decided to make a playlist curated by my Instagram followers song recommendations and to my surprise, the playlist was 4 minutes under 2 hours long! With all these songs, I listened to the full playlist and definitely found myself gravitating towards certain songs mainly in my fave genres of R&B, Indie-Pop/Rock and K-Pop.

#1 Hope In H*** by Black Pistol Fire

This first song was recommended to me by my fellow RTA friend Samross. I really do appreciate rock music and have a whole playlist dedicated to my favourite rock songs. However, seeing this recommendation made me think I would not like this song but, to my surprise, I really enjoyed it. The guitar intro is what drew me in because I am a sucker for a good guitar hook! And the chorus part is so catchy as well!

#2 1950 by King Princess

My coworker recommended this song and I have to say, she nailed my music taste with this recommendation. King Princess falls under the Indie Pop/Rock category and this song “1950” definitely fits that category with the pop like piano and lyrics accompanied with the indie-rock style guitar beat. Prior to this Instagram story, I had never heard of King Princess but after researching about her, I see that her music has been featured in a movie and she also was set to open for Harry Styles’ UK Tour in April 2020.

#3 On Our Way Out by Nico Collins

This song was recommended by one of my followers I don’t exactly know too well but to my surprise, this song was probably one of my favourites out of all 32 songs! This song is a pop song with it’s super catchy chorus that had me singing along after listening to it two or three times. I especially love that this song I can harmonize with unintentionally. If I had to recommend only one song from this playlist, it would be this one!

#4 Coffee & Tea by Eddy Kim and Solar

One of my internet friends recommended me to listen to the singer Solar from a popular K-Pop group called Mamamoo. She did not specify a song so I listened to the first popular song that appeared under Solar’s Spotify name and it happened to be this song. This song reminds me of a K-Drama cafe scene and it is a very happy, peppy song!

#5 Vintage by NIKI

Another one of my internet friends recommended this song and it is so good! I had only heard one song from NIKI but I love the genre of Contemporary R&B so I knew I would love this song when I listened to it. The lyrics also fit the overall vibe of this song!

I could go on and on about my opinions on all the songs that were in this playlist but, this blog post would get way too long! So, I will end this blog post off with a thank you to my followers for recommending such great music.


As well, here is the link to the playlist in case you would like to listen too 🙂

Stay safe and stay groovy!

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Brenessa Roach is a third year Media Production student at Ryerson University. Growing up, she has always had a passion for music, the arts and writing. Brenessa is constantly self-driven and passionate about learning new things. She also loves to travel and immerse herself in different cultures. She is very ambitious about music and hopes she will follow her dreams of travelling the world as a producer or music industry professional.