Listening to My Followers Song Recommendations for 2 Hours

As a music lover, I constantly get song recommendations from friends that I tend to add to my playlist and forget about until days later! So, I decided to make a playlist curated by my Instagram followers song recommendations and to my surprise, the playlist was 4 minutes under 2 hours long! With all these songs, I listened to the full playlist and definitely found myself gravitating towards certain songs mainly in my fave genres of R&B, Indie-Pop/Rock and K-Pop.

#1 Hope In H*** by Black Pistol Fire

This first song was recommended to me by my fellow RTA friend Samross. I really do appreciate rock music and have a whole playlist dedicated to my favourite rock songs. However, seeing this recommendation made me think I would not like this song but, to my surprise, I really enjoyed it. The guitar intro is what drew me in because I am a sucker for a good guitar hook! And the chorus part is so catchy as well!

#2 1950 by King Princess

My coworker recommended this song and I have to say, she nailed my music taste with this recommendation. King Princess falls under the Indie Pop/Rock category and this song “1950” definitely fits that category with the pop like piano and lyrics accompanied with the indie-rock style guitar beat. Prior to this Instagram story, I had never heard of King Princess but after researching about her, I see that her music has been featured in a movie and she also was set to open for Harry Styles’ UK Tour in April 2020.

#3 On Our Way Out by Nico Collins

This song was recommended by one of my followers I don’t exactly know too well but to my surprise, this song was probably one of my favourites out of all 32 songs! This song is a pop song with it’s super catchy chorus that had me singing along after listening to it two or three times. I especially love that this song I can harmonize with unintentionally. If I had to recommend only one song from this playlist, it would be this one!

#4 Coffee & Tea by Eddy Kim and Solar

One of my internet friends recommended me to listen to the singer Solar from a popular K-Pop group called Mamamoo. She did not specify a song so I listened to the first popular song that appeared under Solar’s Spotify name and it happened to be this song. This song reminds me of a K-Drama cafe scene and it is a very happy, peppy song!

#5 Vintage by NIKI

Another one of my internet friends recommended this song and it is so good! I had only heard one song from NIKI but I love the genre of Contemporary R&B so I knew I would love this song when I listened to it. The lyrics also fit the overall vibe of this song!

I could go on and on about my opinions on all the songs that were in this playlist but, this blog post would get way too long! So, I will end this blog post off with a thank you to my followers for recommending such great music.


As well, here is the link to the playlist in case you would like to listen too 🙂

Stay safe and stay groovy!

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