The World of Wong Kar Wai in 4K

Wong Kar Wai. A director who is a pivotal figure in filmmaking and Hong Kong Cinema. He’s known for beautiful bold cinematography, mixed in with thematic atmospheric music in a non-linear narrative. He’s one of the most influential directors domestically and internationally in the golden age of New Wave cinema in Hong Kong. Now you’re probably wondering Wong Kar Wai am I talking about him? (get the pun?)

As a big fan I have been waiting for him to make a new film just as I have been waiting for David Fincher to make a new film. Then my dreams came true and it was announced that he was working on a new film called “Blossoms” and a TV series called “Blossoms Shanghai”. The film and the series are an adaptation for a multi-award-winning novel “Blossoms” by Jin Yucheng. From the little information so far about the film, the story is said to follow an enigmatic, self-made millionaire, Mr. Bao (played by Hu Ge). Both the film and series are set during the 1960’s and 1990’s Shanghai, respectively. There will be glamour and four women that represent the pursuits of his life: adventure, honor, love and innocence. However, as we all know, a lot of film productions have been halted and delayed due to the pandemic. His film and series were supposed to be released later this year, but film production has pushed it back to an unknown date.

On a brighter note, if you’re itching to still watch some of his films, you can watch seven of his best films in a stunning 4K restoration, thanks to The Criterion Collection and L’immagine Rtrovata.  Janus Films was to put the restorations later this year in a retrospective titled “The World of Wong Kar Wai.The films are: As Tears Go By (1988), Days of Being Wild (1990), Chungking Express (1994), Fallen Angels (1995), Happy Together (1997), In the Mood for Love, and The Hand (2004).

The restorations of these films, just add to the cinematic style that is steeped in sensual colors, groundbreaking editing, and heart-wrenching drama. The pandemic has taken away the opportunity for this retrospective to tour nationally and for fans to rewatch these stunning films in 4K in a theatre. However, audiences can still catch “The World of Wong Kar Wai” on Criterion and Digital TIFF Bell Lightbox. Many people like me, have been waiting for a retrospective on Wong Kar Wai, but hopefully one day we can watch these restorations in theatres safely soon.

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