TikTok Songs I Genuinely Love

Endlessly scrolling on TikTok for hours resulted in my head being a radio where I just had a bunch of songs stuck in my head on rotation. Personally, there are a lot of songs that were too cringey or too much for me on TikTok but there are a few songs that blew up on TikTok that I have found myself to be listening to regularly and outside of TikTok.

The first song that I absolutely love even if it has been overplayed is…

#1 Mariposa by Peach Tree Rascals

You cannot listen to this song and not be happy!! For starters, the album cover is so happy looking and carefree with the bright colours, the smiley face and the clouds. Which leads me to the meaning of the song which also means to be carefree. The word “mariposa” in Spanish means “butterfly” and of course, we all know butterflies go through metamorphosis and come out beautiful and spread their wings to be free. This song in general is a way for people to learn to let their true colors shine and to be carefree. I first heard this song on TikTok because of a fashion social media star that I followed and she made me fall in love with this song.


You can watch the TikTok here:


color combos that I wear other than pink + black! idea inspired by these stylish boys @devanondeck @atikhunk #tiktokfashion #styling #colorcombos

♬ Mariposa - Peach Tree Rascals

#2 Make You Mine by Public

This next song you’ve probably heard on every single “relationship” or “date goals” video on TikTok because it is the best song to get you in those relationship feels. I personally feel like it is not your typical slow love song but a very catchy, hype song. At first, I didn’t really listen to this song but then I worked all summer and this song came on every shift and I naturally took a liking towards it. Overall, this song is talking about new relationships and the efforts you take to make someone yours.


I know I mentioned this song being associated with relationships or dates but…I found this very cute dog video with the song and decided to share that with you all!


Watch here:

#3: Mood by 24kgoldn & Ian Dior

This song I actually don’t remember hearing it on TikTok when I had the app but I know it has blown up and become a dance challenge of some sort! I actually heard this song quite recently at the American Music Awards back in November. I found it so catchy and I knew it was a popular TikTok song but I never really paid attention to it until I watched 24kgoldn and Ian Dior perform it and I thought it was such a fun song to dance to. Although we are still in lockdown due to Covid-19, this song has allowed me to almost escape the pandemic and feel like I am in the midst of summer blasting this song on a roadtrip with friends. If you haven’t heard of this song and want to escape the Pandemic Blues, I highly recommend this song!

#4: Money Trees by Kendrick Lamar and Jay Rock

This is one of those songs that I know everyone knows about but I am still going to talk about it. It is so catchy like every other song by Kendrick Lamar. I have seen this song trending on TikTok specifically because in the lyrics they say “no way” so, people have used that line in a comical or serious way. The TikToks I generally saw with this song were bar scenes where the girl asks her friend to hold her drink and someone tries to take it, to which they say “no way.” 

Well, that was only four of the songs that I love but there are so many other ones out there that are super catchy and popular. Overall, I hope you enjoyed this blog and maybe got some recommendations for songs or even some motivation to download and watch TikTok.

P.S: did you notice that all the songs started with the letter “M”? 🙂

Stay Safe and stay groovy!

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