Setting Yourself Up for Academic Success

The situation we are all in is really tough for many different reasons. We have been limited in so many ways due to the pandemic. However, consistently staying motivated, focused, and enthusiastic while remotely attending classes has taken a toll on all of us… and most of us are looking for a way out of that funk.

One of the most important things to make sure to do is write down all of your due dates somewhere you will not forget to look. I personally like writing my dates on monthly calendars and using an agenda to draw my focus to my weekly tasks. However, using the reminders and calendar apps on your phone are always really helpful in ensuring you don’t forget any important dates. You can also do all of these to be extra sure you’re on top of everything. 

Remote learning has many of us mentally and physically exhausted and that makes choosing leisure over academic work very tempting. So, in order to give yourself breaks throughout the day while getting a lot done, set a 20 minute timer. Do work without stopping for 20 minutes, and take 5-10 minute breaks in between. You’d be surprised at how much you can accomplish in just 20 minutes and at how fast you’d complete whatever it is that you need to after a couple of 20 minute cycles.

The following tip will work depending on what circumstances you work best under: treat your school work like a 9-5 job. After your morning routine, get dressed, put your phone away, and get to work. You can give yourself a break, just as you would get during a shift, but be as hard on yourself as your boss would be. This allows you to get a lot of work done during one portion of the day while giving yourself enough time to relax. Figure out what time of day works best for you with regards to efficiency and work from there. Some of us work better in the morning and some of us work better at night. 

Lastly, separate the space you work in from the space you relax in. You will subconsciously begin to work more efficiently when in the space you have deemed your work space. Working in the same space that you relax in makes it very easy to procrastinate, spend your time doing other things, and to fall off schedule. I know this is not totally feasible for everybody but if there is any way you can change the scenery for the time you dedicate to working, do it. Even if it means relaxing in one area of your room and working in another — do whatever you can. Not only is this beneficial with regards to academic performance, but mental health as well.

Most importantly, take care of yourself before anything else. That’ll set you up for success in all things.

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