2 Places for Hot Pot in Downtown Toronto

Let’s warm up with delicious Taiwanese Hot Pots in this cold winter!

Mabu Generation

578 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4Y 1Z3

Mabu Generation is a newly opened Taiwanese Restaurant that is right across the street from Wellesley TTC station! They have over 7 different sets of Mini Hot Pot flavours with different combination of meat, veggies, special toppings, and soup broth. All of these individual hot pots looked so good that it was really hard for us to decide, but as a spicy lover myself, I definitely had to get the House Special Taiwanese Spicy Hot Pot. It came with a great variety of toppings already in the pot, I just had to put in the noodles that came on the side to cook. My friend got the Japanese Sukiyaki flavour which was also really good, it was more on the sweet savoury side with more japanese inspired toppings (ex. Udon, seafood) than mine (ex. Quail Egg, Pork Blood Cake)

Even though they called it a “mini hot pot,” but the hot pot came in large portion and was super super filling!!! Finishing the meal by drinking the warm leftover soup definitely warmed us up perfectly. Great new place to come check out for awesome Taiwanese food!

  • House Special Spicy Hot Pot $18.99 | Ratings ★★★★★
  • Japanese Style Sukiyaki $18.99          | Ratings ★★★★☆

Four Four South Village

474 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4Y 1A1

Four Four South Village is another Taiwanese restaurant that is located right in the downtown core, less than 5 minutes walk from the MAC /College TTC Station. Although they are known for the signature beef noodle soup, they recently launched a collection of individual Beef hot pots featuring their popular beef broth! You basically get a taste of both~ They have 4 different flavours of their Beef Hot Pots, and comes with your choice of either noodle or rice. Different than Mabu where the toppings are already cooked and placed inside the pot when served, Four Four serves all of their toppings on the side, and you can add it and cook it at your own pace. Even though they have less of a toppings variation than Mabu, their soup broth was definitely the highlight! I LOVED the Tomato Beef one, it was absolutely delicious! In comparison to the Spicy Beef Hot Pot option, the Tomato beef or the OG beef hot pot were better, because the original rich beef flavour didn’t stand out as much from the powerful spiciness from this soup broth.

The only thing that I would say about Four Four South Village’s hot pot is that they don’t have any vegetarian option or non-beef option for their hot-pots, so it’s not great if you have these dietary restrictions. Aside from that, come check out this super neat Taiwanese restaurant next time you crave for hot pot!

  • Tomato Beef Hot Pot w/ Noodles $18.99 | Ratings ★★★★★
  • Spicy Beef Hot Pot w/ Noodles $18.99.     | Ratings ★★★☆☆
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