Oscar Predictions/Controversy 2020

Another year of film has come and gone. The biggest night is almost here, the night that other film award shows has been leading up to: The Oscars. Every year, once the nominations come out, there will be complaints and accusations of snubs towards certain films and actors/actresses. Films like The Farewell, Uncut Gems, Us, Hustlers, and more. Understandably, not everyone can be nominated, but the issue still with the Academy is the lack of people of colour and nominations for women directors. The work and talent is there, they just weren’t recognized. There are some nominees that have been questioned extensively on film twitter; I’m looking at you Todd Phillips. The biggest film, I feel the most deserving is Parasite. Though I am not hopeful that the Academy will not award Best Picture to an International Feature Film. I will still clutch onto my predictions ballot in one hand and Parasite poster in my other hand, while wearing a Bong Joon Ho t-shirt to hold onto some form of hope that the film will sweep the Oscars.

After exhaustively watching as many of the nominated films and gathering data from other award shows, I have a slight idea on the winners and who deserves it. It is particularly hard this year as there are many nominees that I believe should win, however they were not nominated. 

One thing to note is that I left out my predictions for best song and the shorts. My predictions are based on statistics and my opinions.

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