5 Upcoming Spring Runway Fashion Trends 2020

Snow boots and puffy jackets? Pfft. Forget about that, spring is coming and flowers will be blooming! From various fashion events coming from Paris and New York, here are some of the upcoming fashion trends that we’ll be seeing everywhere this spring!

Disco Collars

They provide the classic chic look you’re going for without being overbearing! They usually come from polos and knitted sweatshirts. So if you’re looking to rock that job interview, wearing a stylish top with this type of collar might just be the one that could land you your dream job.

Polka Dots

I know what you’re thinking. New Year’s is over! However this eccentric pattern style is usually found on so many displays in front of boutique stores wherever you go, AND you can always cover up with plain pants or blazers to subtle up your look!

Neon Clothing

You see them everywhere due to their bright neon hue, whether that’s green, pink, or blue, you can definitely complete the colors of the rainbow! Which is why you see them in a lot on runways or on your fav celebs and influencers.


Crochet can actually come in different styles ranging from dresses and skirts. Plus, you can stay warm and cozy due to its’ material just in case the temperatures are still a little chilly. But some dresses are also made from crochet and you can definitely rock this on your next spring/summer vacation trip to the Carribeans!

Bralettes/Crop tops

Bralettes and crop tops can be paired with almost anything ranging from blazers, cardigans, or even just by itself! These cute little tops are great for the warm weather. You can also pair them up with some mom jeans or mini shorts with a cardigan or a crop half crop top sweater to finish up the ultimate spring look.

Hope that these trends can inspire you to upgrade your wardrobe or change up your style. Which one of these is your ultimate favorite spring trend? Comment down below!

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