Halloween Themed Activities In Toronto

Its that time of the year folks! Spooky season has once again made its appearance in the Ryerson campus. So if you are looking for some fun ways to get your spirit on, than we have all your major go-to activities and events in Toronto and within the campus covered right here on SpiritLive.

RU Student Life’s Halloween Contest:

Enter this year’s annual halloween costume contest to earn some amazing prizes from gift cards to discounts from many of your favourite stores.

Contest Details: http://studentlife.ryerson.ca/studentlife/ruscared-halloween-costume-contest-2018/

Watch a Movie at Yonge-Dundas Square Theatres:

What better way to catch up with a group of friends than by getting frightened over the latest released horror movies like the Nun and Halloween.

Dates: October 27th – 30th Location: York Street and Queens Quay West, Toronto ON, M5J 2S2 Ticket prices: $25.00

Movie showtimes: https://www.cineplex.com/Showtimes/any-movie/cineplex-cinemas-yongedundas-and-vip?Date=10/31/2018

Halloween at Toronto Island:

Although it is only an hour experience, this boat ride allows you to enter the depths of a real-life murder mystery.

Fort York After Dark: Lantern Tours

What doesn’t scream halloween other than a historic tour of some of Toronto’s supposedly most haunted buildings which includes a lighthouse and burial grounds.

Dates: October 23rd– 27th Times: 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm  Location: Fort York National Historic Site, 250 Fort York Blvd Ticket prices: $13.27

Purchase tickets online: https://fortyork.streamintickets.com/purchaseProductSP.aro?sum=Fort+York+Events

Victorian Séance

Are you in for a frightening experience? Well get ready to call out to the undead in a victorian-style séance with a real medium.

Dates: October 31st Times: 7:30 pm –  9:30 pm Location: Gibson House Museum 5172 Yonge St Ticket prices: $25.00 

Purchase tickets online: https://gibsonhousemuseum.streamintickets.com/purchaseProductSP.aro?sum=gibson+house#459099

Pumpkin Carving

Eat some delicious treats while carving some pumpkins with friends. All happening on the Ryerson campus and free of cost.

Dates: October 30th Times: 1:30 pm 3:00 pm Location: RCC 361 Deadline to submit: November 6th

As you can see from the list, the city has lots to offer to anyone willing to make some long lasting memories. So book your tickets before it’s too late and make sure to invite some friends while you’re at it. Have a safe and happy halloween, Ryersonians!

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Surabiha Muraleedaran

How the Legalization of Marijuana Has Affected Universities

Within the past week, Canada has legalized marijuana, causing many changes within the way many universities set their smoking rules. Many schools have banned smoking as a whole; including cigarettes. The University of Toronto already has a non – smoking residence which also prohibits smoking in all of the university building, and now these rules will extend to cannabis. One of the U of T’s senior director told HuffPost Canada. “Under Ontario’s Cannabis Act, use of cannabis will be banned in all workplaces and public spaces. At U of T, that includes offices, classrooms, libraries, athletic facilities, and campus grounds.”On the other hand, George Brown is becoming a completely smoke-free environment. Including all forms of smoke: vape, marijuana, tobacco, and cigarettes are now prohibited on all school property, including classrooms, facilities, and student residence spaces. Those who choose to smoke must do so off campus, and at least nine meters away from any college entrances, media relations manager Joyann Callender told HuffPost Canada. Some schools have not yet concluded with what they intend on doing with the smoking rules, some schools including Ryerson, Wilfrid Laurier, and Seneca College. Many institutions have come out to say that they will not speak on the rules or change the policies already in place until the laws have settled and they see the effects. From that point on they will begin to make their decisions. Schools have taken this legalization as an opportunity to change the environment of the school entirely, and some want to see what type of impact it may create before changing the environment as a whole.

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The Fat Funny Guy’s Web Series

“Sometimes what some people may perceive as a flaw turns out to be someone’s greatest strength.” This is a quote from Brandon Hardesty’s “No Small Parts” episode about Gwendoline Christie, otherwise known as Brienne of Tarth from Game of Thrones. I suppose you could also use this quote for Brandon Hardesty himself. As an actor who’s known for roles as “the funny fat guy,” he sure knows how to create captivating videos about his appreciation for fellow character actors.

A character actor plays eccentric or unusual people rather than leading roles. In other words, they’re the actors and actresses you know but not quite sure where you know them from. These characters can be found playing the role of sidekicks, villains, mentors, or in some cases, all of the above. So, in April 2014, Brandon began his “No Small Parts” YouTube channel as a fan-made documentary web series about character actors.

If you haven’t watched any “No Small Parts” episodes yet, you’re missing out. Each episode features a different character actor while Brandon talks about fun facts, their previous roles, and how they first entered the film industry. Clips of films and interviews are shown throughout the videos to keep you saying, “Oh, that’s where I’ve seen them!” Brandon pays close attention to the characters’ range of emotions and skills even if it’s only shown for a few seconds. “No Small Parts” allows the viewers to see the talent that Brandon sees in fellow character actors.

If Brandon’s goal is to start putting names to faces, he’s doing a splendid job of it. He’s always entertaining as he explains how far each character actor has come in the industry and how hard they’ve work. Although his videos have a simplicity to them, Brandon devotes a lot of effort and time researching to make his web series engaging for all audiences. He brings a new appreciation to the character actors who can successfully play both likeable and unlikeable roles.

When Brandon first started “No Small Parts,” it skyrocketed. By 2016, his YouTube channel was sold to IMDb and he now makes much shorter videos under the name “No Small Parts Productions.” The original 30 minute videos were unfortunately deleted after this change. However, Brandon’s just happy to be part of something he’s passionate about. Similar to the character actors featured in “No Small Parts,” Brandon shows how much he adores his job as an actor no matter how small the role is. For those aspiring to be actors or pursuing a career in the film industry, I suggest you look to Brandon Hardesty as proof that you can be successful if you truly love what you’re doing.

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