Netflix: The Fallen Series’ Edition

December 05, 2022

Netflix is the number one streaming service in the world, highly noted for containing the best TV series and movies to watch at your disposal and is probably the platform I use quite frequently to indulge in such.  But being so distinguished is not the only thing the entertainment platform is notorious for.  As Netflix grew in popularity, so did their content.  The production of their original movies and series attracted audiences and kept them longing for more, including myself.  But with the growing number of original series being produced, the numbers for these series staying in production started to dwindle, making you question exactly why that is.


To this day, there have been almost 100 original Netflix series that have been canceled.  Out of all these canceled series, there are four that I continue to mourn in which I have desperately hoped for their revival.  These series, in my opinion, that hold a significant weight in Netflix’s original series catalog are Archive 81, Grand Army, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, and The Get Down.


Archive 81 (2022)

Archive 81 is a fairly new series that I discovered this year and after finishing the first season, I was devastated to find out that it had not been renewed for another, especially being that the story was left on a major cliffhanger.  It was a supernatural thriller that took you on the journey of an archivist that goes through the process of restoring found footage that details the investigation by a young college student into a mysterious cult.  Horror is one of my favorite genres to watch and Archive 81 was a hauntingly perfect piece of work. 

Grand Army (2020)

Grand Army follows the lives of various teenagers in Brooklyn, New York as they navigate their way through the chaotic hallways of high school, but also the chaos that forms in their own personal lives. Grand Army was raw, it was emotional, but most of all it felt real.  The stories being told and the characters created felt authentic and provided a sense of comfort for those who felt like they could relate to the experiences and people being depicted in the series.  Unfortunately, after a single season, the drama series was canceled.


Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (2018)

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina presented a darker take on the original American sitcom Sabrina The Teenage Witch (1996).  Containing elements of horror and magic, I found it to be the perfect fantasy supernatural series.  It explored the life of a young teenage girl stuck at crossroads between her dual lives as a mortal and a teenage witch.  From the acting to the cinematography, the series embodied the art of visual storytelling and after each episode kept you wanting more.  Unfortunately, the series came to an end after its fourth season, with fans of the show in an uproar.  With them so disappointed in the series canceling, a petition was created to reboot it and of course I signed it, but sadly, no revival was in the works.

The Get Down (2017)

I decided to leave my favorite series for last to discuss.  The Get Down which was sadly canceled after one season, I believe was one of the most culturally impactful pieces of work that Netflix has produced and hosted on their platform.  When I stumbled across the trailer in 2017, I was enticed.  The coming of age series follows the rise of hip-hop during 1970’s New York, specifically in the Bronx.  The Get Down was perfectly crafted and showcased not only hip-hop culture, but most importantly the series transcended how people of color were depicted in creative and artistic lights on screen.


So, I guess you can say that I have a love/hate relationship with Netflix.  On one end, the platform has provided me with some of my favorite series to watch but on the other end, they have taken them away from me in a sense.  Nevertheless, I do believe Netflix produces some of the best original content and I hope they continue to push out more.  And if you haven’t watched any of these series yet, I highly recommend looking into them, I promise you won’t regret it, but P.S, prepare yourself for their untimely endings! 

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