NYC vs Toronto food

December 05, 2022

It’s no secret that NYC is one of the most famous cities in the world, gathering millions of tourists per year to experience the culture through sightseeing. Many people come to NYC expecting the food to be amazing, since that’s kinda where people go to live out their chef dreams. I can’t deny that some of NYC’s food isn’t absolutely incredible, but it’s not what you would expect.


After living in Toronto for about 5 years of my life, and NYC for 10, I can confidently say Toronto is where I’ve had some of the best takeout food and NYC just can’t compare. From Asian food to European food, and every other culture, Toronto just simply has better tasting meals. To put it in better terms, if I’m walking down the street and decide to find a random place for easy takeout food, I have a higher chance of enjoying whatever I get in Toronto, than anything I choose in NYC. The biggest crime is the price difference.


Ordering food in NYC will guarantee you have to spend at least 15 dollars for a salad. That’s 15 dollars USD, which is around 20.24 CAD. In Canada, you can get a more fulfilling salad with fresher ingredients and more taste of love, all for about 15 CAD. That’s only around 11 USD. You see what I mean?


Ultimately my experience with food in both cities is great. NYC has some of the most world renowned restaurants and they deserve their titles. Toronto will never have the Michelin star spots that NYC has to offer. NYC has unique restaurants that you could never imagine, and yes, they end up actually being as good as the reviews. Remarkable places from the Meatball Shop to Jeju noodle bar all are staple restaurants that will change your perspective on food and follow you forever. But if it’s 12am, you’re lazy and hungry and all you want is a delicious quick fix, Toronto will give you the most satisfaction for a cheap, good meal.



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