Kinka Izakaya is a chained authentic Japanese restaurant that offers the perfect low-budget lunch combos ideal for students. Kinka Izakaya has multiple locations across Downtown Toronto. The best part is that one of its location is only about a 5 minute walk from the Ryerson campus! They have a wide selection of Japanese cuisines features in their lunch menu. For example, noodles, donburi combos, sashimi, and even light snacks too. Almost everything is under the $15.00 budget! The space is also really organized and clean with both indoor (tables, benches and bar seating) and outdoor seating area. Quick service and

Halloween Themed Activities In Toronto

Posted by Kevkon on  October 31, 2018
Its that time of the year folks! Spooky season has once again made its appearance in the Ryerson campus. So if you are looking for some fun ways to get your spirit on, than we have all your major go-to activities and events in Toronto and within the campus covered right here on SpiritLive. RU Student Life’s Halloween Contest: Enter this year’s annual halloween costume contest to earn some amazing prizes from gift cards to discounts from many of your favourite stores. Contest Details: Watch a Movie at Yonge-Dundas Square Theatres: What better way to catch up with a
Within the past week, Canada has legalized marijuana, causing many changes within the way many universities set their smoking rules. Many schools have banned smoking as a whole; including cigarettes. The University of Toronto already has a non – smoking residence which also prohibits smoking in all of the university building, and now these rules will extend to cannabis. One of the U of T’s senior director told HuffPost Canada. “Under Ontario’s Cannabis Act, use of cannabis will be banned in all workplaces and public spaces. At U of T, that includes offices, classrooms, libraries, athletic facilities, and campus grounds.”On

The Fat Funny Guy’s Web Series

Posted by Kevkon on  October 29, 2018
“Sometimes what some people may perceive as a flaw turns out to be someone’s greatest strength.” This is a quote from Brandon Hardesty’s “No Small Parts” episode about Gwendoline Christie, otherwise known as Brienne of Tarth from Game of Thrones. I suppose you could also use this quote for Brandon Hardesty himself. As an actor who’s known for roles as “the funny fat guy,” he sure knows how to create captivating videos about his appreciation for fellow character actors. A character actor plays eccentric or unusual people rather than leading roles. In other words, they’re the actors and actresses you