Pursuit OCR: A New Outing For You and Your Friends

Are you dying to get out of the house and be active?

Or dying to stay in where it’s warm?

Either way, Pursuit OCR is the place that will get your heart racing and get your temperature up! This past weekend, a few of my friends and I went to celebrate a birthday and do something unconventional! Among the other high-intensity activities like taking a spin class, trying axe throwing or going to a shooting range, we chose Pursuit OCR. According to their website, https://pursuitocr.com/, they are Canada’s largest fully indoor obstacle course training & movement centre. They used to operate out of another way smaller location on Dufferin, but have recently upgraded into the MASSIVE space of 33,000 square feet in Etobicoke.

With features like one of the biggest ball pits ever (4.5 feet deep and filled with over 10,000 balls massive!), a real-life mario kart tricycle race, and obstacle course built for 2 where you can push yourself to the limits and race to the finish, you’ll definitely work up a sweat. The space is 18+ and gives adults the chance to have fun with as many members of friends and family as they want, because this space is so huge! Because of the age limit, you need to show ID when you get there. It costs $20 a person to stay and work up a sweat all day, the price tag is definitely worth it. They even have a student discount so make sure to bring your OneCard with you. If you do decide to go, make sure to bring a lock or purchase one there so you can store your things in one of their lockers, so you don’t lose them in the ball pit. And make sure to bring some water and dress ready to run- you’ll need it!

Post by: Nicolina Moscati

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