Ariana Grande’s thank u, next Album


On February 8th Ariana Grande released her thank u, next album which included previously released singles “than u, next” and “imagine”.  This album outlines all of the struggles Grande has publicly faced over the past year.

The tracks on the album are:

1. imagine

2. needy


4. bloodline

5. fake smile

6. bad idea

7. make up

8. ghostin

9. in my head

10.  7 rings

11. thank u, next

12. break up with your girlfriend, i’m bored

It is speculated that “imagine” and “ghostin” touch upon her past relationship with rapper, Mac Miller, who passed away September 7th 2018.  Although, “ghostin” is a song about her mourning Mac Miller’s death while being engaged to comedian, Pete Davidson.

Fans also assume that “needy”, “NASA”, “bloodline”, and “in my head” are about Grande’s ex-fiance, Pete Davidson.

Before the release of “break up with your girlfriend, i’m bored”, fans assumed the song would be about Grande’s ex, rapper, Big Sean.  The reason that fans thought this was because in Grande’s thank u, next music video, in her ‘burn book’ she wrote that Big Sean “could still get it”.

Overall, the album was very versatile with regards to the instrumental music, and the lyrics were very easy to interpret all thanks to Grande’s openness and vulnerability with her fans.  She wrote the songs on the album with the help of her two best friends, Victoria Monet and Taylor Parks, which makes the album that much more authentic.

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