Is Shawn Mendes Releasing “Stuck On You”?

The 20-year-old singer has undoubtedly created a name for himself after gaining recognition from a huge platform of listeners from across the globe which began with the creation of music covers on Vine. Now, Mendes has a sold-out Tour, 3 albums, and is even nominated for two Grammys as well as six Juno awards, making him one of the most influential people of all time.

Since his prominence into the music industry, the Canadian pop sensation has released hit songs such as “In My Blood” and “Mercy”; among two out of many of his songs which have been featured in the billboard hot 100 charts.

Although the singer has been actively releasing songs these past couple of years, he still has original songs that have yet to be publicized. While Mendes has given fans a sneak peek through short clips of videos, it does not seem likely that any of them will be available to the public. At least that was until a few tweets from Shawn Mendes fan accounts started circulating across the internet revealing the possibility for the release of the song “Stuck On You”.

The video of the lyrics to “Stuck On You” which have circulated around online shows a small segment of the unreleased song. The short 29-second clip shows Mendes playing the song on his guitar to Zedd, a record producer who Shawn collaborated with for the remix of the song “Youth”.

The video only managed to provide a few lyrics of the song:

“You yeah you

That’s just the truth

And I’d be lying if I said

It’d be a lie to say I’m stuck on you”

There have been many tweets from Twitter claiming that Mendes has indeed registered the song for copyright claims. However, it is still uncertain whether the song will be released as there have not been any confirmations on Mendes’ behalf.

Post by: Surabiha Muraleedaren


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