The Commuters Guidebook: Essentials for Traveling

I’m a regular public transportation user. Subway, buses, trains, cabs, and then some. Over the past few years, I’ve gathered the essentials for traveling which I will now share with Ryerson students that also can’t afford living downtown Toronto.

Always bring something to read. Since there’s no service or Wifi on the subway, I usually print off my readings for school. It makes time fly and forces me to actually do my readings. Also, magazines are underrated. They’re light enough to carry in your bag, cheap, and it’s fun to look at books with photos every so often.

It’s super important to have a notebook everywhere I go. Even though laptops have practically replaced notebooks, having a small one for school work, To-Do lists, or even doodles are super handy.

If you’re like me, you listen to music everywhere you go. Which means having 0% phone battery can completely ruin a trip. Buying a portable phone charger is a life changing purchase. They’re not expensive, easy to pack, and 100% worth it.

Finally, if you’re the type that needs to have a window seat and enjoy the view, make a playlist of your favourite songs. Another option is to listen to a podcast such as Stuff Mom Never Told You, Ongoing History of New Music, and Serial.

Extra little things that can make or break a trip are snacks, headphones, sunglasses, a sweater, and a water bottle. No matter where you’re going, stay safe and plan your trip wisely!

Post by: Brooklyn Harker

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