You HAVE to Play Sifu

Posted by Matthew Smith on  April 8, 2024
You HAVE to Play Sifu By: Matthew Smith Welcome back to “You HAVE to Play This,” the blog where I talk about a video game you HAVE to play each week. This week I’m talking about the 2021 release of the game Sifu. If you’re a fan of video games, there’s no doubt that you’ve come across some that offer unique experiences that transport you to different worlds and challenge your skills. Sifu is one such game that stands out in the gaming landscape. It’s a must-play for anyone who appreciates deep gameplay, storytelling, and cultural richness. Here are several

How to Clean YOUR Sneakers

Posted by Nikash Ganguli on  April 8, 2024
How to Clean YOUR Sneakers By: Nikash Ganguli Sneakers have transcended their initial athletic purpose to become cultural icons within the fashion and streetwear realms. Brands like Jordan, Yeezy, and Nike have released models that are not just footwear but investments and collector’s items. Taking care of your sneakers ensures they last longer, look better, and can even retain or increase their value over time. Here’s a thorough step-by-step guide on how to keep your kicks in pristine condition. Welcome to Sole Groove, the essential blog for hip-hop aficionados and sneaker enthusiasts. Dive into the vibrant intersection of beats and sneakers,

The Box in Dark Silence

Posted by Lana Semakova on  April 8, 2024
The Box in Dark Silence By: Lana Semakova Near the end of the forest, I stumbled upon a rock passageway that was tilted in a way that I could tell was leading deep underground. I wandered down this tunnel, downwards, downwards into a slim cave-like hallway. All that I could hear were water drops coming from an unseen corner of the rock ceilings and the occasional flurry of a bat, flying out into the light, where I had come from. I turned my flashlight on. The blue stream from my flashlight shone onto the jagged walls around me. It was
Revisiting “Titanic Rising” by Weyes Blood - 5 Years Later By: Siya Vallabh Overall Rating: 10/10On April 5th, 2019, Natalie Mering released her fourth studio album under the Weyes Blood moniker, the first Weyes Blood album I ever listened to and remains one of my favourite albums of all time. The title of this writing calls this a revisitation, although I think calling this a love letter might be a more accurate description. This album found me at a strange time in my life. At the time, I was continuously trying to nurse a heart by giving it to the person
Mindful Knitting and Crochet Project Selection for Spring By: Zoe Lewis Spring cleaning time is here! Going through all my clothes is a staple organizational activity for me this time of year. As I get rid of old clothes, it can be tempting to fill the holes with new items.  Knitting or crocheting your own garments can be a fun and enjoyable way to get into slow fashion.  However, it is important to be mindful in many areas of the process to maximize sustainability efforts.  Is it really slow fashion if you are filling your closet with clothes you will
3 Takeaways as Canada Defeat Trinidad 2-0, Qualify for Copa America By: Adam Iannetta It wasn’t straightforward, but Canada got the job done. Trinidad and Tobago, ranked 96th in the world coming into the game, were supposed to be no match for a Canadian attack that featured the firepower of Alphonso Davies, Jonathan David, Cyle Larin, and Tajon Buchanan. But for many Trinidad players, it was the biggest game of their careers. They certainly showed that, frustrating the Canadians in the first half. Chances were limited and the Canadians couldn’t find their rhythm. That changed when Cycle Larin opened the
Quebec vs. the World: Canada’s Sovereign Film Industry By: Max von Schilling Although it’s easy to fall into the fruitless trap of recognizing the success of a filmmaker solely through their awards, there’s a reason for it. The awards industry is so large because the ability to say “Academy-Award Winner” next to a film brings money, prestige, and, more often than not, guaranteed future work. It’s why Canadian filmmaker Denys Arcand’s 2003 Best Foreign Film win for his film The Barbarian Invasions was such a major moment for him and his country’s film industry.  Nominated two times before this, for
DIVING INTO 5 OF TRAVIS SCOTT’S MANY NIKE SIGNATURE SNEAKERS By: Nikash Ganguli In the vast universe of sneaker culture, Travis Scott’s collaborations with Jordan Brand have carved an indelible mark, blending his unique aesthetic vision with iconic sneaker silhouettes. Here, we delve into five of the most celebrated Travis Scott x Nike collaborations, each echoing the rapper’s influence on both music and fashion, while also highlighting the intertwined history of hip-hop and sneaker culture (please note this list is in no specific order).Welcome to Sole Groove, the essential blog for hip-hop aficionados and sneaker enthusiasts. Dive into the vibrant
Album Review: Bright Future by Adrianne Lenker By: Siya Vallabh Overall Rating: 8.5/10The cover of Adrianne Lenker’s Bright Future features a slightly off-center, out-of-focus photograph of the singer-songwriter wearing a cowboy hat and I don’t think there’s a better representation of the album than that image. My first introduction to Lenker was her work in Big Thief, which I consider one of my favourite bands. In comparison to Big Thief, Lenker’s solo music is a lot more melodically and lyrically focused, a lot more stripped back than the full, production-heavy sound of the band. But that’s not a negative for Lenker,
Healthy Eating on Campus: The Importance of Making Nutritious Choices as a Student By: Amanda Banks With the limited time a university student has, prioritizing nutritious meals is not always at the top of our minds. It’s easy to grab food at any of the convenient fast food options surrounding our campus, but that could be the reason for your fatigue, lack of energy and ability to focus while you’re trying to do work. Maintaining a clear and healthy mind is key to success as a student, and nutrition plays a key role in that.  Sticking to a regular meal and

You HAVE to Play God of War Ragnarok

Posted by Matthew Smith on  March 25, 2024
You HAVE to Play God of War Ragnarok By: Matthew Smith Welcome back to “You HAVE to Play This,” the blog where I talk about a video game you HAVE to play each week. In the pantheon of video game sequels, few have been as eagerly anticipated as “God of War Ragnarök.” Building on the critically acclaimed reboot of the franchise in 2018, Ragnarök promises to take players on a journey that is grander, deeper, and more emotionally resonant. Whether you’re a veteran of the series or a newcomer drawn in by the whispers of its legend, here’s why you


Posted by Nikash Ganguli on  March 25, 2024
DO THE GRAMMYS CARE ABOUT HIP HOP? By: Nikash Ganguli The Grammy Awards, heralded as music’s most prestigious accolades, have long been a symbol of peak achievement and recognition within the industry. However, their relationship with the hip-hop genre has been fraught with contention and debate. This conversation delves into the nuanced dynamics between the Grammys and hip-hop, highlighting instances where the awards seem to have missed the mark in truly honoring the genre’s contributions and innovations. By examining the specific cases of artists like Travis Scott, alongside broader issues of recognition and respect within the hip-hop community, we unravel

The Thawing Kingdom

Posted by Lana Semakova on  March 25, 2024
The Thawing Kingdom By: Lana Semakova The pastels of spring were beginning to spread across the forest as the patches of snow melted into streams. Nature’s orchestra simmered beneath the sound of my steps on fallen branches and leaves.  I’d always loved this time of year. It prompts rediscovery. Winter tends to cover things and waits silently for the arrival of more transparent days. Today, it was finally sunny again. In this light, the woods seemed more alive than ever before. I stood in a mystical kingdom. I looked up at a tall tree on the top of which something
Pressa Drops New Single "Get Back Up" – A Shift in Storytelling By Gregor Reynolds Toronto’s music scene has always been a cauldron of talent, and one artist who’s been making notable waves is Pressa. Hailing from the Driftwood neighborhood in Toronto, Pressa has been grinding for years, and he’s back with his latest release, “Get Back Up.”You might remember Pressa from his breakout hit “Canada Goose” back in 2017, which blew up on YouTube and firmly established him in the industry. But his journey extends far beyond that, representing the underground Canadian rap scene long before his mainstream breakthrough.“Get