How to Cry In Different Media

Posted on March 2, 2022

I like to cry.  Obviously I don’t like to be sad, but I find crying can be a very cathartic experience that leaves you feeling refreshed and better for it. I figured now was the perfect time to recommend some tear jerkers seeing as we’re coming up on midterms as well as the post-valentines blues for the lonely souls. If you could use a cry but need a little help, here’s my recommendations in every medium so you can cry your heart out in whatever way works best for you.


Dolly Parton – The Fairest of Them All

Image Credit: Discogs

I’m not much of a country fan to be completely honest, but Dolly is the exception with her incredible lyrical storytelling. She manages to create such compelling characters and heartbreaking stories in under four minutes, sometimes only in two. If music is your jam then look no further for a good cry, I recommend, “Down from Dover,” or, “I’m Doing This for Your Sake.”

Sufjan Stevens – Carrie and Lowell 

Image Credit: Pitchfork

This album is heartbreaking as it chronicles the loss of Stevens’ mother and their rather complex relationship. “Fourth of July,” in particular is a stand out for me as you listen in on an incredibly emotional conversation between mother and son. 


Grave of the Fireflies

Image Credit: The Odd Apple

This might take the cake for the saddest piece of media on this list. I still can’t listen to the main theme song without the returning feelings of pain and heartbreak that this movie left me with the first time I watched it. (Honestly, I could put the soundtrack in the music section of this post, but you have to watch the movie first). Beyond just the incredible and emotional storytelling this film also presents a perspective to the events of WWII that isn’t seen as often in Western media. 

Brokeback Mountain

Image Credit: Focus Features

It’s a classic for a reason. I’ve messy cried to this movie a couple of times so it’s a tear generator guarantee from me. This is the story of two cowboys, Jack Twist and Ennis Del Mar and their difficult and emotional relationship.


The Song of Achilles 

Image Credit: Goodreads

If I’m being completely honest this book didn’t make me cry… but it did make me very emotional so I know for the right person this will create some tears. There’s been a lot of buzz and hype around this novel recently and I think it’s rightfully deserved. It gives such a wonderful new perspective on the relatively well-known story of the Iliad and has such a heartbreaking but satisfying conclusion.

Just Kids – Patti Smith

Image Credit: The Dialog

All I know is pain. I always credit a story that can tell you its tragedy right at the beginning and still make you cry by the time the events come around (actually, a theme of a lot of these recommendations I’m noticing, guess I have a type). This is a beautiful insight into the lives of Patti Smith and Robert Mapplethorpe in ’60s and 70’s NY. Honestly, you could read this just for the *vibes*, but it’ll stick you with its emotional core.


And there you have it, I covered all the bases so no more excuses not to have a good cry session. Treat yourself, you deserve it. 

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