The CoHo “Curse”

Posted on February 9, 2022

This one’s for all the Book Tok readers out there. Over the past year I have been swimming in book recommendations, with screenshots of book covers cluttering my camera roll and titles written in random notes. But a couple of months ago I decided to try one of the ones that I had been seeing the most on my For You page, It Ends with Us by Colleen Hoover. The pink cover I had seen over and over again being recommended by hundreds of book tok readers was seared into my brain. Some saying it left them in tears, others claiming it to be overrated. But when I picked it up, I will say I did not put it down again until I was in tears and reading the last line of the novel. This book catapulted me into the world of CoHo (Colleen Hoover) and all of her emotionally charged, plot twist-riddled stories. What I am now calling the CoHo “Curse” has caused me to blow through 8 of Colleen Hoover’s books. Each of which is quite different in themes and genre, thus I want to break down each of these novels to give a little bit of a guide for readers who may feel overwhelmed with the sheer amount of CoHo content floating around.  

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1. It Ends with Us

Genre: Romance 

This story follows the protagonist through two love stories with two very different men, both with their own troubles and uncertainty. If I were to recommend a first read from Colleen Hoover it would certainly be It Ends with Us. This heart-wrenching story is impossible to put down and easily sucks you into the word of CoHo. It is heavy with emotional turmoil and satisfying moments and interactions between characters. 

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2. November 9

Genre: Romance 

Following two characters who meet once every year, on the same day; this story is one for those readers who are looking for a grand romantic love story. Featuring classic Colleen Hoover plot twists which will make this narrative both ruin your belief in love and reaffirm it.

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3. Ugly Love

Genre: Romance

Following a complicated relationship crowded with secrets, heartbreak and passion, this one is for the readers looking for a story with a little more… “spice”. It is a thrilling ride of back and forth between two characters with unmatched chemistry and desire. And with the dual perspectives, the reader is forced to understand the motives and trauma that drive the outcome of this relationship.

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4. Verity

Genre: Thriller 

Now this is where it gets interesting… This story is a serious change of genre for Colleen Hoover. Following an author in her journey into the mysterious life of a broken couple, this thriller-meets-romance keeps you tangled in the suspense and eeriness of the characters and plot. The alternating narrative lines muddying the reader’s understanding of truth all the way to the bitter end.

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5. All Your Perfects

Genre: Romance

This story is a dissection of a marriage on the brink of ruin. Following an already established couple through their pain and heartache, this story is a deepdive into the nuances of a lifelong relationship. This story is for the readers who want a love story that is rooted in heartbreak and realistic conflict. While the love story is grand in nature, this novel feels much more grounded in a reality readers can relate too.

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6. Layla

Genre: Romance/Paranormal

With this story, CoHo yet again surprises us in an exploration of genre. Following a couple trying to reconnect after a traumatic experience, this story reaches into another spiritual realm and challenges readers’ beliefs. This novel is for readers looking for something a little more spiritual and paranormal, but still featuring a grand Colleen Hoover romance. 

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7. Regretting You

Genre: Romance / Contemporary 

Following a mother and her daughter after an unimaginable tragedy; this story gives us two classic CoHo romances. And while those romances drive the story, the real emotion comes from the relationship between a mother and a daughter. Their love for one another and what they lost drives an emotionally tense narrative for those readers who want a story that will break their hearts then restore their faith in love.  

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8. Reminders of Him

Genre: Romance / Contemporary 

Following a mother newly released from prison looking for a way to connect with her daughter, this newest Colleen Hoover novel will break your heart and fill you with empathy. While it features the CoHo romance that is so well-loved, the real heartbreak comes from the tragedy these characters have endured. This story is for the readers who love a possible redemption story.

I will say, these novels were just what I needed during the winter break between first and second semester. Giving me short stories with instant gratification that were compelling and heart-wrenching. These stories are a great read if you’re looking for a book you can speed through and doesn’t take much brain power to digest, understand and connect with. Next up on my CoHo reading list: Heart Bones


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