A Streamer’s Hot Takes on the New Pokemon Games

Posted on December 18, 2021

Gotta Twitch’em All.

Fans of the Nintendo DS have been rejoicing as beloved 2006 Pokemon games Pokemon Diamond and Pearl have been remade in stunning HD for the Nintendo Switch in Pokemon Shining Diamond and Brilliant Pearl. I sat down with long-time Pokemon fan and up and coming streamer Afrodiaq to discuss what the remakes mean to him, how that reflects in his streams, and what he foresees is the future of the franchise.


So how long have you been a fan of the Pokemon series?

I’ve been a fan of the series since 2003 or 4. Pokemon has been to me, like how someone would treat soccer. Something that they’ve always interacted with growing up. From watching the anime, to playing with the cards, to starting with Pokemon Sapphire on the GBA, they’ve always been a part of my life.


Do you think the remakes do the original games justice?

Yes, I wouldn’t say they do anything wrong against the originals. The way I’m playing it is a bit different, but I can’t complain so far. They’ve even kept some of the original bugs and glitches, so I think they did a good job!


What are your thoughts on the chibi art style?

At first, I was surprised this was the direction they were taking it. I think the games are more remasters than remakes, and the graphics try to continue the authenticity of Diamond and Pearl on the DS. The original games were cute and chibi, so why are people complaining? I think they’re fine!


You mentioned you’re playing the game a different way, how has the difficulty of the game impacted your playstyle?

So I’m currently streaming a Shinylocke, which means I can only catch Shiny Pokemon. 


WHAT? (For reference, Shiny pokemon are alternatively coloured variants that have a 1/4096 chance of appearing. Afrodiaq’s method of playing the game means he can only use Pokemon that are ludicrously rare.)

It’s changed the difficulty in the sense that it takes a decent amount of time! Catching the first pokemon took me a few hours. I’m currently 7 hours into the game and I only have one gym badge. It’s making my game a lot harder, but if I didn’t do a Shinylocke, I would speed through the game. I don’t want to do that. I like doing this!


As a streamer, what makes the Pokemon games so enticing?

I’m in a toxicity-free environment. I mainly play competitive games, FIFA, Overwatch and other FPS’s here and there. Those communities can be toxic, and I don’t get to interact with my chat because I’m too focused. When I play Pokemon, I’m relaxed and I don’t stress. I can play the game how I want to and I don’t have to worry about any extraneous nonsense (aside from the RNG). I just enjoy myself, talk to my chat, and have a good time. It’s a good environment and I prefer it to other games


What can Game Freak and Nintendo do to be more accommodating to streamers?

They should partner more with streamers. Most big games, like Overwatch, and League of Legends will have partner programs and other opportunities for specific streamers, and Pokemon doesn’t have that. If they implemented more interactions with the streamers that play their game every day, it might change something. Pokemon Go had a lack of community involvement, but the fans voiced their concerns and they added more community interactivity.


What are your hopes for the future of the franchise?

I just hope they put more effort into the new games than they put into Sword and Shield. They were lacking, especially in their story which wasn’t enticing. The graphics could be better as well, and overall I felt that the game was below standard. I do have hopes for the upcoming Pokemon Legends Arceus, it’s a really interesting concept. The open world concept is what the series needs.


Lastly, Chimchar, Piplup, or Turtwig?

Piplup. Easy. I take the water starter every single time. The only exception to this is Treecko. Other than that, only water.

Thank you to Afrodiaq for taking the time to share his thoughts. Make sure to catch his streams on Twitch, follow him on Twitter, and cheer him on when he plays Overwatch for Ryerson’s very own Esports team.

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