The Importance of Travelling (plus my experience and tips)

Posted on December 17, 2021

With COVID-19 restrictions finally lifting somewhat worldwide right now, the opportunity to travel is here again. Whether you want to travel internationally or within Canada, there has definitely been an increase in ways to travel safely and responsibly while still having a great experience. 

Travelling has always been one of my favourite things to do because of how many benefits it has. Apart from getting the chance to see and experience beautiful places, I’ve discovered the importance of travelling for my mental health. 

Travelling is extremely important for learning and gaining life experience. The opportunity to be introduced to and embrace new cultures is an amazing way to grow as a human and begin to appreciate other places. Learning and hearing new languages, trying new foods, and meeting new people are just a few of the key parts of travelling. Being able to get away from the busy environment in Toronto and travel to a new, calmer place is a great way to give your brain a much-needed refresher. Although some parts of travel can be stressful and expensive, the learning and life experience you get outweighs the negatives. 

Most of the trips I’ve been on were during high school. Being with my family or friends, these have all been highlights of my life and I have learned so much about myself and others.

New York City, April 2017


New York City was my favourite place that I’ve been to and I would love to go back as soon as possible. As a city person, I thrive in a busy atmosphere and New York was perfect for me. From the delicious food and restaurants, to all the great scenery and architecture, I was impressed the whole time. My favourite parts of this trip were the Brooklyn Bridge, the Rockefeller Centre, and Central Park. I went with my school friends in grade 9 as a school-sanctioned trip which was great because everything was planned for us. One tip I have for visiting New York would be to plan a list of things to do and know where they are located, because this will save you a ton of time. New York City was such a great trip and experience which strengthened my love for the city and the people I was travelling with even more. One thing at the top of my bucket list is to visit NYC during Christmas time. 

Jamaica, March 2017


I visited the town of Negril in Jamaica. Here, I met a lot of new people, learned new things and tried some amazing foods like jerk chicken and beef patties. The waters and sand were beautiful and it was perfect weather the whole week. Being able to go to a place that I would have never thought I would be able to was a fantastic experience that helped me learn so much. Going with my best friend was an experience that helped us bond more since we were in an unfamiliar place together. 

California, March 2018


Another one of my favourite places I’ve travelled to was California. While there, I visited Los Angeles, San Diego and Anaheim. I have never been to California before so the warm weather, picturesque mountains and sandy beaches were all new to me. From the busy atmosphere of Downtown Los Angeles to the calming beaches in San Diego, this trip had it all. In ten short days packed with fun activities to do, I saw so many things that I haven’t before. A tip for a California trip would be to bring different clothes for different temperatures. Some days it was extremely hot, others felt like fall weather, and some were raining, so prepare for everything! 


Looking back on my favourite trips makes me even more excited for my first trip post-pandemic. Any recommendations? 

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