Picturesque Spots in Toronto to Take Photos With Your Friends

Posted on November 17, 2021

In 2017, UNESCO named Toronto as the first Canadian city to be a Creative City of Media Arts for its leadership in film, music, digital media, and forms of cultural expression using technology. Being part of The Creative School, we get to see and experience this creativity everyday during class and on campus. While a lot of our classes are still being held virtually, there’s no reason to stay cooped up inside when there’s so much to see in the city. With that being said, I’ve made a list of just a few of the spots that showcase the diversity and creativity that Toronto has to offer—and that you and your friends could take photos at!

Graffiti Alley

Graffiti Alley, Photo from BlogTo

Located in Toronto’s Fashion District near Spadina and Richmond Street, this alleyway has become a hotspot in recent years for artful Instagram posts. The alley is lined with tons of imaginative and colourful murals showcasing some of the best works of street art in Toronto. Of the most popular scenes in the alley is the iconic underwater mural, which features different fish and coral in bright, vivid colours. Not only can you visit this place for free, but you get to view the talented work of graffiti artists. Remember to bring your camera—the graffiti is always changing!

Allan Gardens

Allan Gardens, The Palm House, Photo from

Situated at the intersection of Jarvis and Gerrard Street, Allan Gardens is a short ten-minute walk from the university’s campus. Not only is it a large park that you can take a nice walk in, but it has an indoor botanical garden open to the public. According to the City of Toronto’s website, twenty-five visitors are allowed to visit the greenhouse every thirty minutes, with face masks required. The greenhouse has different tropical flowers from around the world including Australia and the Mediterranean, as well as variations of palms and cacti. Allan Gardens makes for the perfect backdrop to take some photos in the fast-approaching winter to escape the cold.

Distillery District Christmas Market

Distillery District Winter Village, Photo from

With the winter holidays around the corner, the Distillery District Christmas Market—which has been renamed to the Distillery Winter Village this season—is the staple stop in Toronto to take wintry-themed photos. Located south of the university’s campus, it offers twinkling lights, pretty decorations, live music, and shopping from local vendors, making it a beautiful scene to take some photos. Every February, the Distillery District also offers the Toronto Light Festival, which features tons of brightly coloured and artistic light creations, but it has yet to be announced if it will be running again this coming year.

Nathan Phillips Square

Nathan Phillips Square, Photo from

Nathan Phillips Square is home to the iconic “Toronto” light sign. This spot is on Queen and Bay Street, which is just a fifteen-minute walk from Kerr Hall. In the wintertime, this place is transformed into a beautiful skating rink with lights wrapped around the arches towering over the rink. So while you’re getting your photos of the Toronto sign, make sure you walk over to the rental skate store right beside the rink to get a chance to skate!

Casa Loma

Casa Loma exterior, Photo from

Casa Loma is Toronto’s own gothic-inspired mansion built in 1911, which now serves as a museum. It’s a quick walk from Dupont Station on the Yonge-University Line, making it a short subway ride to get there. Inside, there are tons of rooms filled with regal furniture and lavish decorations, with photography permitted everywhere in the building. While there is an entry fee, you could still take a walk around the building to take in the striking architecture and pleasing scenery. This is truly a great place for photos if you want to feel like a character from Downton Abbey!

These are just a few of the many great locations that Toronto has to take some Instagram-worthy pictures. Take advantage of what this creative and innovative city has to offer, and make some memories with your friends at the same time!

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Lucas (he/him) is a transfer student and currently in his first year of Media Production, where he hopes to go into screenwriting. With a passion for photography, he almost always has his film camera with him capturing moments. In his free time, he likes to watch horror movies, listen to 2000s pop music, and do graphic design.