2021 Oscars Predictions

Awards season is always my favourite time of the year. However this year is a little bit different. 2020 was a different year for the film industry as film releases and productions were pushed back. However, some films managed to make an impact in 2020, through online film festivals and on demand releases. Award season certainly looks different this year as the biggest night is almost here: The Oscars. Usually the Oscars are held around February, but of course the pandemic has changed that. I remember the euphoria of last year when Bong Joon Ho and Parasite won three Oscars and I lost my mind; good times. I certainly couldn’t have predicted it as I assumed it was impossible, so when it actually happened I talked about it for months and Bong Joon Ho was my phone lockscreen for months.

The Academy has had an issue with a lack of BIPOC being nominated and the lack of nominations for women directors. The work and talent is there, they just weren’t recognized. This year is quite different, to say the least. Steven Yeun and Riz Ahmed are making history for being the first Muslim and Asian actors, respectively, to be nominated for Best Actor. Two women are nominated for Best Director; Chloe Zhao and Emerald Fennell. Chloe Zhao, an Asian woman, is even the predicted winner of the category. There is certainly a bit more diversity in the nominees this year with the acting nominees, but there always could be improvement. By providing BIPOC creators in the film industry the same chances as their white counterparts, there could be more diversity in the nominations. Though I still want to reserve hope that history will be made on Oscar night with Chloe Zhao sweeping the categories, I know I shouldn’t keep my hopes too high. Personally, I might cry if I see either Chloe Zhao or Steven Yeun up on stage if they win and it would be my new phone lockscreen until further notice.

After exhaustively watching as many of the nominated films and gathering data from other award shows, I have a slight idea on the winners and who deserves it. It is particularly hard this year as there are many nominees that I believe should win.

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