Visually Appealing Music Videos

Before I get into it, I want to make one thing very clear — it was very difficult for me to compile a list for the purpose of this blog. I have been captivated by music and their accompanying videos since I was a kid and there is just no way I could choose “the best” or “my top five”. I just really appreciate the visuals and production of the following five videos and think anybody reading would enjoy them as well!

The first one that came to mind and had always stuck in my memory was “The One Moment” by Ok Go. Every single time I watch this music video my jaw drops to the floor. I appreciate it mostly because of the work and the effort that went into it. The whole music video is 4.2 seconds in real time, but when slowed down, fits in with the music video and happens ON BEAT. Truly phenomenal. No words I could write would do this video justice so please go see for yourself.

“The One Moment” by OK Go

My next pick is fairly new — “Good Days” by SZA. Everything about this video is so mesmerizing. The imagery is beautiful, the cinematography is amazing, the symbolism is powerful, and SZA’s voice and dancing really just tie everything together. The world that was created in this video is very fantasy-like and euphoric and I truly believe that the overall aesthetic contributed to the appeal of this video. It’s very well done and I highly recommend it.

Good Days” by SZA

Another music video that I not only admire for its beauty but for its political message is “APESHIT” by THE CARTERS. Every single frame of this music video exudes beauty. The colours, the political statements, the neutral tones in contrast with the solid colours, the choreography, and the costumes all work together in really beautiful harmony. Beyonce is the queen of music and her music videos have never disappointed, but I think this one really stands out.


“Falling” by Harry Styles is a music video I’ve always admired for the visuals. It all takes place in one setting but the rise in emotional intensity is portrayed so well through the cinematography. I really enjoy the colour harmony in this video and think that the visual element that accompanies the song really leaves the meaning and message behind it up for interpretation. Beautiful is the perfect word to describe the aesthetic of this video. I personally think it’s very well done.

“Falling” by Harry Styles

This music video is the most recent of the list and the thing about that appeals most to me is the colour story. The visuals perfectly match the tone of the song and it’s just very easy on the eyes. There is really nice contrast between the darker and brighter shots and the costumes fit very well with the aesthetic. All of these voices are well known to be heavenly, so I don’t think anybody needs more convincing — watch it!

“Peaches” by Justin Bieber featuring Daniel Caesar and Giveon

Lastly, I’ll let this one speak for itself:

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