Three Student Budget-Friendly Travel Destinations to Start Researching

The moment the city of Toronto went on lockdown in March 2020, my brain automatically went “get me out of here.” One of my biggest goals for the longest time, is to travel to as many places I can and COVID-19 has only furthered my dreams to jet off to anywhere and everywhere I’ve never been. Of course it isn’t safe yet to travel, but who says you can’t get ahead on planning (and saving) for an amazing getaway. 


In other words, if you’re like me and you plan on traveling again once it’s safe to do so, here are three destinations that will definitely satisfy your wanderlust, but aren’t going to cost you your whole savings account to visit. The common theme here leans towards good food and beautiful views along the water. 

In no particular order:

1. Greece

I’ve dreamed of going to Greece for SO LONG and am determined to make it one of the first countries I travel to once it’s safe to do so. Gorgeous beaches with great architecture and lookout points, not to mention delicious food. Yes, some of the bigger cities like Santorini can get expensive, but island hopping and staying on lesser-known islands can help lessen the costs. Many big attractions in Greece are linked to its historical ruins and intriguing Mythological stories, so be prepared to be in awe of these ancient structures and take your time to understand how they came to be. Enjoy favourites like gyros and moussaka while taking in breathtaking views.

2. Thailand

I constantly hear and see individuals who’ve been to Thailand say that this country is a foodie’s dream come true. With bursts of flavour in every bite, I can’t wait to indulge in aromatic Khao Soi, Pad Thai and sip on Thai Iced tea while walking around on beautiful beaches that are often bustling with high energy. One of my main reasons for wanting to visit would be to experience the magical floating markets that are most popular in Bangkok. Vendors on boats selling local produce and fresh meals carrying so much flavour would surely be a surreal experience. In addition, what’s often not talked about too often is the spectacular wildlife and lush green jungles in Thailand. This beautiful country isn’t all about its sandy shores, so don’t forget your hiking shoes!

3. Portugal

Portugal is definitely an underappreciated European country. Often overshadowed by the romanticization of countries like Italy, Spain and France, Portugal is just as beautiful and even more affordable. Being geographically located on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, leaves Portugal with gorgeous beaches and a reputation for amazing seafood dishes. I look forward to enjoying pastel de nata and bacalhau which is cod fish, in this beautiful environment. Whether you’re strolling through the city of Lisbon or swimming the coastline in Algarve, Portugal is a country that is very well-suited to young travellers. 

Hopefully this short list helps inspire your desire to travel! While we wait for vaccines to roll out to everyone and eagerly keep an eye out for safe getaways again, at least we can set aside some free time to further research the trips we want to go on.

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