Music Menu For 2020: Jake’s Favourites

It’s been a rough start to 2020, and everyone knows it. It’s easy to feel hopeless right now, you know, with that nasty germ that’s going around and everything. But there are things to look forward to. There is some fantastic music on the menu for this year.

Here’s a short list of the releases that I’m most excited about. Some are confirmed (although no dates yet) and some are speculative, but all are a reason to get excited.

Spillage Village

It’s been confirmed, Spill Vill’s 4th album is coming in 2020. Spillage Village is a music collective made up of Earthgang, JID, Mereba, Jurdan Bryant, Hollywood JB, and 6lack. We’ve heard lots of music from some of these guys this past year, with Earthgang’s debut album in late 2019, and the Revenge Of The Dreamers III album which had nearly all of the members on it. But knowing Spill Vill, they are going to hit us with something that we’ve never heard before. They’ve even offered up a few free samples on Instagram Live, and it seems as if the album will be called Spilligion. 


It appears as if 2020 will be a big year for JID. The only hints we’ve received about this album have come from a few cryptic tweets from him and various artists and managers. There hasn’t been a confirmation from the label, but that’s no reason to hold back any excitement. JID has been progressing rapidly since most people heard him for the first time on his debut album. Keep your eyes peeled on JID’s Instagram as it’s not uncommon for him to play us snippets on his live stories.


This album was first teased back in 2018 on his most recent project, KOD. The last track on KOD was set to serve as the intro to his next album, The Fall Off. To add the hype, the album has been confirmed by Cole himself. During his set at the Day N Vegas festival, the album was previewed using a faux political campaign ad, fitting for its 2020 release date. As one of the greats of today’s generation, you can be sure that this album will make some noise.

Kendrick Lamar

This one is based purely off of speculation, but hear out my hypothesis. This is the longest gap Kendrick has had between albums, so maybe we are due for one? Weak, I know. Can’t blame me for being optimistic. 

Mick Jenkins

This one has a little bit more evidence behind it. Earlier this year, Mick released a short EP containing 7 songs. It’s not uncommon for artists to release something like this as a teaser to an upcoming project, almost as if to hold their fans over until the full project comes out. Although Mick hasn’t said anything himself, this could be grounds to expect new music from Mick in the near-ish future. 

I wrote this article to give people something to look forward to when it seems like nothing is going our way. There is good on the horizon. A least musically, that is. 

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