Toronto’s Bike Scene

When in doubt, pedal it out!

Biking season is just around the corner. Spring has sprung and what better way to enjoy it than to get outside on a bicycle. Toronto has an impressive bike scene with several diverse trails spread all around the city. Throughout the downtown core there are a number of great roads with wide, safe bike lanes for your daily commute. 

Biking is a great way to add some more activity into your lifestyle. Who needs to go to the gym when you can bike to where you need to go! Not to mention that it gets you outdoors in the fresh air and sunshine, which is essential to our overall health and happiness. 

Along with the entertaining and health benefits, biking is cost-effective and much kinder on the environment. Choosing to bike as your source of transportation largely reduces your environmental impact and lightens your monthly VISA bill! An overall great activity that we should all be doing more of. 

There are several main streets in Toronto that have new and improved bike lanes to safely take you to wherever you need to go. Check out the detailed designated bike lane map here.

Additionally, here are some of the top biking trails that you can find spread throughout the city: 

  • The Martin Goodman Trail, also known as the Waterfront Trail. Extending from the Western Humber Bay Shores to the Eastern Beaches and beyond. It’s 56 kilometres long, with stunning views of Lake Ontario all along the trail. With many unique places to stop along the way whether it’s a beach, cafe, park, or restaurant, there’s something for everyone. Toronto’s best bike path in my opinion! 
  • “The Spit,” also known as Tommy Thompson Park or the Leslie Street Spit. Located just east of the downtown core along the water, it’s a small peninsula with 10 kilometres of paved bike trails. Lots of unique sights to see along the way, it’s definitely a worthy detour while riding along the waterfront. 
  • Ontario Place has the beautiful Trillium Park and William G. Davis Trail. Another great stop along Toronto’s waterfront, this beautiful piece of land has stunning views of Lake Ontario and Toronto’s skyline. During the summer, you’re able to experience the many activities throughout Ontario Place as well. 
  • The Don Valley Parkway has a number of absolutely beautiful bike trails extending all throughout the east end area. This is a mountain bike lover’s dream. Enjoy tons of amazing single track, double track, and technical trails spread throughout the luscious forests. There are trails for all levels, and even paved paths for the road bikers. 
  • High Park has a fantastic bike scene as well. The best time of year to visit the park on wheels is the early Spring, as that’s when the spectacular cherry blossom trees start to bloom. Their blooming season varies every year, so make sure to keep an eye on their website for all blooming updates! 
  • The Humber Valley Trails in the west end extend several kilometres north from Lake Ontario. Bike through the beautiful paved paths winding along rivers, bridges, and forests. You wouldn’t even know you’re in Toronto! 
  • Toronto Island is a great day trip to explore on your bicycle. Head to the Jack Layton Ferry Terminal with your bike to spend the day exploring the easy and flat Island on wheels. Don’t forget your bathing suit, as there are lots of beaches to discover along the way! 
  • Scarborough Bluffs have fantastic bike trails with absolutely stunning views along Lake Ontario. It’s quite the trek to get there from the downtown core, but completely worth it. Choose to bike, hike, or swim along the beautiful cliffs. 

If you don’t have access to a bike, Toronto has a fantastic Bike Share program. Scattered throughout the city are 465 stations with bikes available to ride wherever and whenever you want. Pick up a bike in one location and drop it off in another, it’s that simple! Varying passes are available for purchase along with memberships. 

Research shows that commuters who bike are the happiest. So find some wheels and get outside! Enjoy the warm weather and your free time to get some extra activity and sunshine. Happy biking!

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