5 Breakfast Spots Around Ryerson

Sometimes you crave eggs, other times maybe pancakes. Regardless, everyone loves breakfast foods. Here are five places around campus you can check out, that serve all day breakfast.


Who hasn’t heard of Frans Diner? They have two locations right by campus, one on Victoria street, the other on College. Serving breakfast favourites, lunch, and dinner options since it is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week! What does that mean? You can grab The Big Breakfast, for $13.99 and even get a strawberry milkshake to wash it down for $6.



Hours and Location

Both open 24 hours

20 College and 200 Victoria Street


Yes, this is the famous diner used in Shawn Mendes’ Life of the Party music video. The diner décor makes for cute Instagram pictures and the food is tasty. Tried the Irish breakfast with sausage for $13. This dish also comes with maple beans, which taste so good and are definitely worth a try.



Hours and Location  

Monday to Friday: 7:30AM – 4PM

Saturday and Sunday: 8:30AM – 3:30PM

129 George Street


If you’re just looking for super simple and very affordable breakfast options, Sunset Grill is great. Three eggs with bacon is only $9.50 and they offer many other simple breakfast choices for reasonable prices, not to mention bottomless coffee.



Hours and Location

Monday to Sunday: 7AM – 3:30

1 Richmond Street West


Known for their eggs benny with pink hollandaise sauce (naturally coloured with beet juice) for $14.50, Early Bird Coffee and Kitchen also serves, as mentioned in the name, great coffee. This place is a bit further from campus, but is definitely worth a try and at least it’s located along Queen West, so you can do some quick shopping in the area before heading back to class. 



Hours and Location

Monday to Friday: 7AM – 5:30PM

Saturday and Sunday: 8AM – 5:30PM

613 Queen Street West


A small, fast service restaurant that does not split the bill! Breakfasts are very simple in terms of plating but still more elaborate than Sunset Grill. Coffee here is also bottomless and meals are light. I went for the salmon avocado breakfast, which was well priced at $10.



Hours and Location

Monday to Sunday: 7AM – 4PM

344 Queen Street East

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