Egg Bae: Masters of the Breakfast Sandwich

Looking to channel your inner Harley Quinn with the perfect egg sandwich? There’s no better place to do that than Egg Bae, Kensington’s cute little breakfast sandwich shop. It’s just a short bus ride from the Ryerson campus, and it’s definitely worth the trip. The interior is surprisingly spacious, with a modern design and fun, chicken-themed murals. Egg Bae is a great example of a restaurant that chooses just one thing to focus on, and does that thing extremely well. The menu is short, with a simple offering of five different egg sandwiches, hash browns, and a selection of coffee and tea, but it’s all you need. Each sandwich is nestled inside a delicious, fluffy, and sweet brioche made from scratch, and their meats are prepared in house as well.


The Bae-Sic features a flavourful, slightly spicy sausage, tomato jam and a perfectly cooked fried egg which oozes beautifully over the sandwich, combining with delicious muenster cheese and their special “Bae Sauce”. The Seaside Bae is also worth a try, with a light and delicate flavour coming from soft scrambled eggs and smoked salmon, complemented by a satisfying crunch from the potato chips. If you’re looking for vegetarian options, you can opt for their signature item, The EGG BAE, with a classic combo of scrambled eggs, chives, cheese, slow cooked onions and Bae Sauce. Or, get creative with Bae Don’t Kale My Vibe, in which a fried egg is paired with avocado, kale, and fried tofu. 


Egg Bae is without a doubt home to some of Toronto’s best breakfast sandwiches, so be sure not to miss it.   

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