4 Ramen Places Near Ryerson

There are a lot of different ramen places near Ryerson, there’s a list of 4 great ramen joints to check out if you’re ever craving a bowl of ramen for lunch! 

Hokkaido Ramen Santouka 

Address:  91 Dundas Street E, Toronto, ON 


A popular ramen joint around a 5 minute walk from the ENG building. They have amazing lunch combos (ramen + rice bowl), and a variety of ramen in both spicy and non-spicy option. The tsukemen ramen portion is 2x the portion of a regular ramen, perfect when you’re really hungry! 

  • Kara Shoyu Tsukemen $17.50              | Rating  ★★★☆☆
  • Kara Miso Ramen $14.50                      | Rating  ★★★★

Sansotei Ramen

Address:  650 Yonge Street, Toronto, ON 


Less than 10 minute walk from the Eaton Centre, known for their super rich and flavourful broth. Only serves limited quantity of Spicy Tan Tan each day, and usually sold out by dinner hours. Always has a line-up during lunch or dinner hours because it’s a small place with limited seating. 

  • Tonkotsu Black Ramen $12.75              | Rating  ★★★☆☆
  • Miso Black Ramen $14.50                      | Rating  ★★★★
  • Spicy Tan Tan Ramen $14.50                 | Rating  ★★★★★

Kinton Ramen

Address:  396 Church Street, Toronto, ON 


The closest ramen place from Ryerson, 2 minute walk from Kerr Hall. Kinton has monthly special ramen and karaage ramen only offered on Mondays. Super filling and large portion with choice of pork, chicken or vegetarian. 

  • Karaage Spicy Ramen $16.99               | Rating  ★★★★★
  • Pork Spicy Garlic Ramen $12.99          | Rating  ★★★★
  • Pork Miso Ramen $12.99                      | Rating  ★★★★

Jinya Ramen Bar

Address:  399 Church Street, Toronto, ON 


Right by the MAC on Church Street. Jinya’s ramen is overall slightly on the salty side because of the richness in their broth. Large selection of rice bowls, small plates, and even salad! Aside from ramen, I really love to order their sides especially the Jinya Bun! 

  • Jinya Tonkotsu Black $14.00             | Rating  ★★★★
  • Crispy Chicken $7.80                           | Rating  ★★★★
  • Jinya Bun $4.95                                    | Rating  ★★★★★
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