How the Legalization of Marijuana Has Affected Universities

Within the past week, Canada has legalized marijuana, causing many changes within the way many universities set their smoking rules. Many schools have banned smoking as a whole; including cigarettes. The University of Toronto already has a non – smoking residence which also prohibits smoking in all of the university building, and now these rules will extend to cannabis. One of the U of T’s senior director told HuffPost Canada. “Under Ontario’s Cannabis Act, use of cannabis will be banned in all workplaces and public spaces. At U of T, that includes offices, classrooms, libraries, athletic facilities, and campus grounds.”On the other hand, George Brown is becoming a completely smoke-free environment. Including all forms of smoke: vape, marijuana, tobacco, and cigarettes are now prohibited on all school property, including classrooms, facilities, and student residence spaces. Those who choose to smoke must do so off campus, and at least nine meters away from any college entrances, media relations manager Joyann Callender told HuffPost Canada. Some schools have not yet concluded with what they intend on doing with the smoking rules, some schools including Ryerson, Wilfrid Laurier, and Seneca College. Many institutions have come out to say that they will not speak on the rules or change the policies already in place until the laws have settled and they see the effects. From that point on they will begin to make their decisions. Schools have taken this legalization as an opportunity to change the environment of the school entirely, and some want to see what type of impact it may create before changing the environment as a whole.

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