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“Sometimes what some people may perceive as a flaw turns out to be someone’s greatest strength.” This is a quote from Brandon Hardesty’s “No Small Parts” episode about Gwendoline Christie, otherwise known as Brienne of Tarth from Game of Thrones. I suppose you could also use this quote for Brandon Hardesty himself. As an actor who’s known for roles as “the funny fat guy,” he sure knows how to create captivating videos about his appreciation for fellow character actors.

A character actor plays eccentric or unusual people rather than leading roles. In other words, they’re the actors and actresses you know but not quite sure where you know them from. These characters can be found playing the role of sidekicks, villains, mentors, or in some cases, all of the above. So, in April 2014, Brandon began his “No Small Parts” YouTube channel as a fan-made documentary web series about character actors.

If you haven’t watched any “No Small Parts” episodes yet, you’re missing out. Each episode features a different character actor while Brandon talks about fun facts, their previous roles, and how they first entered the film industry. Clips of films and interviews are shown throughout the videos to keep you saying, “Oh, that’s where I’ve seen them!” Brandon pays close attention to the characters’ range of emotions and skills even if it’s only shown for a few seconds. “No Small Parts” allows the viewers to see the talent that Brandon sees in fellow character actors.

If Brandon’s goal is to start putting names to faces, he’s doing a splendid job of it. He’s always entertaining as he explains how far each character actor has come in the industry and how hard they’ve work. Although his videos have a simplicity to them, Brandon devotes a lot of effort and time researching to make his web series engaging for all audiences. He brings a new appreciation to the character actors who can successfully play both likeable and unlikeable roles.

When Brandon first started “No Small Parts,” it skyrocketed. By 2016, his YouTube channel was sold to IMDb and he now makes much shorter videos under the name “No Small Parts Productions.” The original 30 minute videos were unfortunately deleted after this change. However, Brandon’s just happy to be part of something he’s passionate about. Similar to the character actors featured in “No Small Parts,” Brandon shows how much he adores his job as an actor no matter how small the role is. For those aspiring to be actors or pursuing a career in the film industry, I suggest you look to Brandon Hardesty as proof that you can be successful if you truly love what you’re doing.

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