Top Three Spots to Study on TMU’s Campus

By Amanda Banks

As we near the end of midterm season, the long study days continue into the remainder of the semester. TMU is home to many unique buildings with plenty of seating areas, perfect for accommodating all types of students. As I am in my third year of studies now, I have had my fair share of long study days on campus, and am here to give you my top recommendations.

3. Rogers Communications Centre 

I might hold some bias as a media student, but the RCC is my favourite building on the entire campus. The natural lighting makes it feel extra spacious and a great relaxing spot to hang out and do some work. On sunny days, the warmth beams in through the huge windows. Though tables may be limited, they are big and spacious, which makes them ideal for a long study day. The RCC is great for socializing and getting work done.

2. Ted Rogers School of Management 

As one of campus’s biggest buildings, TRSM is an ideal spot to meet up with friends or have a solo study session. Spanning 3 floors of tables and classrooms, this building has endless opportunities to sit. The outdoor courtyard decorated with tables and chairs is perfect for a warm day to soak up the sun while also completing some academic work. The natural light from the big windows also enhances the experience. There is a quiet section with tables overlooking a great view of Dundas street. This building also has Ted’s Kitchen, a convenient food spot to grab a quick bite to eat in between classes or study sessions. 

1. Library 7th and 8th floor 

The library is my ideal place on campus to visit, catering to diverse study preferences; solo and collaborative. The seventh floor, designed as a quiet zone, provides individual cubbies. This is great for a private study session and helps to minimize typical campus distractions. The eighth floor fosters a more collaborative environment, featuring spacious tables and comfortable chairs with views looking out onto the cityscape. This floor also has group study rooms, available for booking, offering an experience for peer collaboration. Overall the library’s eight floors cater towards students’ unique working needs and is a great place to spend a study day. 

Those were my top three picks as of yet, but I am always looking for more suggestions as to where I can spend an upcoming study day. With a campus as big and spacious as TMU’s, the opportunities and spots are endless. 

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