Hip-Hop Giants Rumored to Join Forces for a European Tour

By Nikash Ganguli

Rumours surrounding the two artists, who have recently dropped an epic album and have already been on tour within North America, have arisen as the two may join forces to create one of the most extensive tours in Hip-hop history.


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Toronto native Drake and Houston native Travis Scott have recently been dropping hints that a tour of the two together may come to fruition soon, and this has hip-hop fans at super high levels of anticipation as they are arguably the two most prominent artists on the scene right now. With Travis Scott just wrapping up his “Circus Maximus” tour following the release of his album “Utopia” and Drake currently on his “Big As The What” tour following his own release of his album “For All The Dogs,” the names have been huge in the concert scene recently. Fans are now expecting a joint tour between them. The friendship between both artists has been well documented. It has created well-received collaborations, including “SICKO MODE,” “Company,” “Fair Trade,” and most recently, “MELTDOWN,” which would open a world of songs for the two artists to perform together on stage. The numbers also speak for themselves, as both of their prior tours were mainly sold out, and their tickets were tough to acquire; we can expect more of the same if this rumour is true. 


Fans are unbelievably excited about this tour based on rumours alone; the reaction on social media has only built the anticipation even more. While fans of Drake and Travis Scott have been able to experience their concerts in a local arena, fans in Europe have been begging for each artist to fly across the world and put on a show for the fans there. A massive win for European hip-hop fans who have only been able to see Drake and Travis Scott concerts via videos on Instagram, Twitter, or TikTok. While European fans are super amped for this potential tour, it has left some North American fans with “FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out)” because such a tour is considered a historical event in hip-hop. As a North American fan of both artists, I am jealous of seeing these two amazing artists at the same concert, so I can agree with other North American fans’ sentiments here. Overall, the tour would be fantastic for anybody to experience, so fans can enjoy it when or if it happens. 


While there is very little evidence signaling the tour coming to be, one significant tidbit we got was Drake posting a photo of him on tour with a massive statue of Travis Scott’s head behind him simply with the caption “foreshadowing.” This turned all sections of hip-hop social media to turmoil, with Drake heightening these rumours. Travis Scott also recently joined Drake on stage during the “It’s All A Blur” tour to perform “MELTDOWN,” showcasing their undeniable chemistry and stage presence. Aside from that, we only have reports from many hip-hop networks that a tour is possible, but the idea excites EVERYONE. Fans are encouraged to watch official channels for any announcements while speculating on what could be one of the most memorable tours in recent hip-hop history.


A tour like this could impact the hip-hop community immensely. At the same time, some speculate that the art of performing live is lost; both Drake and Travis Scott have the opportunity to bring concerts back to the limelight, possibly justifying the hefty prices that come from them. Travis Scott is a revered performer, and Drake’s concerts are impossible to get tickets for because of the demand. So it’s not crazy to assume that a tour of this magnitude would send shockwaves in hip-hop and the entire live-performing industry. Even a potential full-length collaboration album could stem from this tour, which would be for the hip-hop history books. As collab albums are nothing new to both Drake (“Her Loss” with 21 Savage, and “What A Time To Be Alive” with Future) and Travis Scott (“Huncho Jack, Jack Huncho” with Quavo, and “JACKBOYS” with many people from his label including Don Toliver) so it honestly wouldn’t be a super far stretch to say we could get a October’s Very Own x Cactus Jack collaboration project. 


At this point, everything surrounding a Drake and Travis Scott European stadium tour is simply a rumour. Still, it is certainly exciting to think about based on many factors. The potential of such a tour is immense, given the artists’ massive fan bases and the successful history of their collaborations. But for now, we can only wait and hope for confirmation shortly.

Would you be excited about a Drake and Travis Scott European tour? Or would you travel from North America just to see them in person? Let us know, and we’ll keep you updated as more information comes out about this potential earth-shaking tour.

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