Foreward from the Author

By Lana Semakova

The exploration of the mind is the greatest journey we will ever set out on. It is the perfect combination of imagination and jagged truth. Many philosophers would argue that our psychology is  sterile and lawless.  On the contrary, I believe that our thoughts are tameable. They are meant to be befriended, not unlike the monsters that hide in the forest beside our home. We have the power to both control them and unchain these invisible creatures from ourselves. Folklore is embedded in our nature. It is the key to conceptualising the impossible and softening everything that seems too true. It is the first thing we are taught as children and the most important thing we must learn as adults.  On this note, I introduce you to the heroine of our story, Lu. 


Lu is a young adventurer and writer with an astute curiosity for mythology. One year ago, she embarked on a journey in search of hidden monsters in the forests and mountains around her village. She brought with her a brown, leather bound journal in which she writes down the notes and sketches of the entities that come across her path. Her goal is to fill out all of the pages of her journal with as many mystical creatures as possible.  The title page is inscribed with shiny, swirling turquoise words: The Flying Blue Opal – a description of a dream that she’s been having since she was little –  perhaps a calling.  Once the journal is full, she will return home with lore about the lessons she’s learned and things she’s encountered. 


As the author of the story, my goal is to encourage the reader of this journal to take inspiration from Lu. I  encourage you to see your thoughts as separate entities that you have the power to befriend. Notice the adventure you are part of.  Your mind is unpaved magic. 

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