How To Use Your Intuition To Make Decisions

March 24, 2023

Have you ever been faced with a difficult decision? Maybe you need to decide whether you should move to a new house or stay where you are. Maybe you have to decide between two different jobs that are being offered to you. Or maybe, you need to choose a course to fill your schedule but you’re stuck between two different options.


Well, I have a solution! I’m sure you’ve heard of how important it is to “follow your gut” or “follow your intuition”. As someone who has spent many years listening to and developing her intuition, I have figured out a process on how to use it to make difficult decisions.


There are a few steps to the process and trust me, it’s easy. It’s so cool how we all have this innate, intuitive ability in us, we just don’t pay attention to it!


So, first…I want you to establish your two “options”. You could even have three (or more), I’m just saying two because it’s easier to explain.


So let’s say you need to decide between two courses to add to your schedule. Let’s say one is a history class and the other is biology.


First envision yourself saying “yes” to the history class and go through the steps in your mind. Imagine you are adding it to your schedule and imagine it’s the first day of the course and you’re walking into the classroom. 


As you’re picturing all of this, notice how your body is naturally reacting. Is it clamping up a bit? Or is it calm and relaxed? Don’t think about it too much. Just take note of how your body is naturally reacting to these scenes you’re envisioning in your head.


Now, envision the second course. Imagine adding it to your schedule, walking into the classroom on the first day, opening the textbook. How does your body naturally react to that? Does it feel totally calm and relaxed, or is it tightening up? The course that makes your body more naturally calm and relaxed is your answer!


And you might logically be more drawn to the one that makes you “clamp up”, but in my experience, the body never lies. This is the idea behind “following your gut instinct”. Your gut literally responds to questions you ask in your mind and it will tighten or relax based on what is the best path for you.


It might be very subtle, but one option will be more relaxing than the other. So really be honest with yourself on which one makes you feel the most calm, relaxed and free, despite what your mind might be telling you.


And there you go! You can use this method for literally anything! If you get invited to an event. Check into see how your body reacts when you imagine yourself actually going. Imagination is key here.


I hope this helps you in your future decisions!

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Jennifer Enchin is an RTA Media Production student, aspiring screenwriter and Youtube writer hailing from Toronto, Canada. Jennifer has worked as a script reader for Pomegranate Pictures as well as a critic for the popular theatre blog “Mooney On Theatre”. She also placed as a quarterfinalist in The Austin Film Festival’s 2020 Screenplay Competition for her feature script “Seabirds”. Her favourite topics to write about include entertainment, health and wellness, spirituality and general spooky stuff.