Solo Traveling

March 7, 2023

This reading week I solo traveled (with my friend…). I traveled between Amsterdam and Paris with her, although we spent most of our time off on our own journeys. This experience was the first thing I’ve done truly for myself since discovering what true self care was. Before, doing something like this would’ve been too intimidating and scary. I would have self doubts, fears, and an overall pessimistic attitude. However, learning the capabilities of my 20 year old self has taught me that I can accomplish anything, even things that seem scary. So I booked a round trip flight to France with a 6 hour bus ride to Amsterdam in between! 


Being thrown out of high school and into my TMU dorm, I had no idea how to be an adult. I spent my entire first year starving in a messy room and barely stepping outside. Learning and teaching myself how to take care of myself without my parents was a struggle with no hope for it getting better. I thought that was reality. It took me years to realize that I could… leave my house. So that’s what I did. 


My trip started off strong, with the hardest obstacle being in my first day: A macaron baking class. This was terrifying. All I knew was that I was spending 150 dollars to learn how to bake macarons with 7 other strangers. I’ve never put myself out there at this level. The entire walk there I was shaking, dreading walking through the door. I was questioning my outfit, my hair, the way I was walking, my age, and everything else. But I step in the door and instantly feel comforted. There’s seats around the walls with a big table in the middle with all the ingredients. I feel welcomed! People from all age ranges sit in the chairs talking and getting to know each other. I’m immediately greeted by a warm smile of the owner who she teases when I ask her if they had a bathroom. 


The hard part was done. I walked out of my door, onto a plane, landed in Paris and entered the doors of the intimidating cooking class. This was me putting my goals into action and it worked. I recommend to anyone struggling with confidence, self doubt, boredom, to solo travel. I also recommend it to the most confident, fulfilled person. Anyone fits the criteria to go on a journey and put yourself out there, and it’s so worth it when you do. 

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Jacqueline is a second year RTA media production student. She is passionate about cartoons and comedy, with specifically comedy cartoons being her favourite. She lives in Kensington market but comes from New York City. She came to Toronto to explore the arts of screenwriting, comedy, and production. Her dream is to share her love for comedy to audiences, and ultimately make people laugh. Jacqueline love the beauty of a story, and where it can take us and what we can learn from it. Especially if it makes her laugh on the journey.