Ways to Make Your RTA Experience Worthwhile

Posted on April 11, 2022

Inside the Allan Slaight Radio Institute in the RCC. Photo from the RTA School of Media.

After having school virtually for the past two years, I’ve been so eager to get back to campus and start taking part in in-person extracurriculars. There’s so many opportunities that RTA students can choose to be part of, all of which in this article count towards your required 60 Creative Practice Hours! Whether you’re an incoming first-year, or already in RTA, you’ll have a good idea of what you want to volunteer for after reading this!

1. Apply for a collective or a podcast with SpiritLive

SpiritLive is RTA’s 24/7 web-streaming broadcast station, which features content created by RTA students in the Allan Slaight Radio Institute. Students can either apply to create a podcast, or apply to be part of a collective, where students are grouped up with other students to produce a weekly live radio show. As someone who’s had the chance to be part of a collective live show, I got to meet so many new people and have so much fun creating content for our weekly show.

2. Join the SpiritLive blog

If live shows or podcasts aren’t your jam, you also have the option to write for the SpiritLive blog! Applications are accepted every Fall semester, and accepted students get the chance to write about everything student-related life for RTA students! You can write about anything from film reviews, music suggestions, tips for your student experience, and much more! Blog articles are written and posted bi-weekly for the entire school year on the SpiritLive website!

3. Volunteer for the TARAs

The TARAs (Television and Radio Awards) annually commemorate the work of RTA students, with awards ranging from best practicum, to best SpiritLive show, to best first-year projects. Not only can RTA students apply for the awards, but they can also be part of producing the live event. Some of the positions students can fill are as writers, social media coordinators, graphic designers, set designers, technicians, editors, and many more!

4. Help out with Spirit1

Spirit1 is SpiritLive’s year-end show, with this year’s theme being Practicum Stories. Students who are already affiliated with SpiritLive will get the opportunity to produce the show by fulfilling positions like production assistants, video editors, board operators, and social media coordinators.

5. Work on practicums

Practicums are fourth year thesis production projects, most of which begin production or start filming in the Fall semester. These range from anything to films, one-offs, music videos, documentaries, or live experiences. They’re always looking for extra help, whether it be production assistants, graphic designers, camera operators, set designers, or set photographers.


Just revitalized this school year, RUTV is RTA’s television broadcasting station featuring programming created by students. Students can decide between creating live events, scripted, or unscripted programming, which includes everything from short films, vlogs, game shows, cooking shows, as well as talk shows. As of April 1st, they are currently accepting pitch submissions for the Fall 2022 semester!

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Lucas (he/him) is a transfer student and currently in his first year of Media Production, where he hopes to go into screenwriting. With a passion for photography, he almost always has his film camera with him capturing moments. In his free time, he likes to watch horror movies, listen to 2000s pop music, and do graphic design.