A New Way to Enjoy Boba

Posted on April 7, 2022

Photo by Dustin Fuhs

Like bubble tea? Enjoy shopping? Looking for something to do with your friends? Check out Benkei Hime at the Eaton Centre to satisfy all of these! This new boba and lifestyle store is the first in North America. With multiple locations in China and South Korea, Jason Wang wanted to combine bubble tea and an immersive retail experience all in one place. From an interview with the Toronto Star, Wang created this environment for people to enjoy a cup of boba and buy something new. He says that the Toronto location helps connect Eastern and Western cultures. With a wide range of drink options to choose from, customers can browse merchandise created by young and upcoming artists from around the world at the same time. 

Photo by Dustin Fuhs

The popularity of bubble tea has significantly risen in recent years, and Benkei Hime is no stranger. They have multiple classic and new options that include milk teas, fruit drinks, and even desserts. Some of their signature drinks are their Avocado-Strawberry Twist Hime and the Hazelnut Creme Brulee Hime. Benkei Hime also has a limited Cranberry and Cookie drink only for their Toronto location. In addition to this, you can also upgrade your drink into a Treasure Hunt cup! This cup has a cool prize at the bottom where you can win an Airpod case, candles, masks, or even a larger reward such as a skateboard or surfboard. Their drinks are definitely Instagram-worthy, so don’t forget to take a photo while you’re there!

Photo by Benkei Hime

Not only do they sell boba, but they also sell merchandise made by young artists from around the world. They have streetwear clothes, home decor, and other lifestyle items. This bright and colourful atmosphere highlights the uniqueness of the products since there’s something for everyone. They sell items made by small artists, with some of these products made by Toronto locals, while others are from Asia. Wang wanted people to immerse themselves in Benkei Hime and leave with a new cultural experience through its products, decoration, and architecture. Keep an eye out for in-store decor that pays homage to Toronto, and expect more merchandise from artists worldwide later throughout the year.  

Photo by Dustin Fuhs

So why not enjoy a delicious cup of bubble tea while shopping for unique items by small artists all at Benkei Hime in the Eaton Centre. Check them out on the second floor near the central escalators and immerse yourself in this experience. If you’re not nearby, don’t worry because they will be opening up a second location at CF Markville this summer. You won’t be able to miss its colourful exterior, so check it out!

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