Ways to Cure Your Chronic Boredom

Posted on March 21, 2022

Let’s face it – we’ve all experienced giving ourselves a little break from doing homework, only to realize you’ve just spent an hour and a half scrolling mindlessly through TikTok, liking content that merely makes you exhale through your nose. Instead of shuffling through the same social media apps, let’s try to break that habit with a few different ways to cure your chronic boredom and pass the time.

Artbreeder is my go-to website whenever I feel an ounce of boredom and want to satisfy my creativity. It’s a creative tool that uses machine learning to create new images by combining ones you upload to the site. There are countless possibilities when it comes to making art with Artbreeder: make original characters for your scripts, album cover art for your band, and even just visual art! The site features a whole bunch of options like adjusting colours and environments that give you full control on what you want your piece of art to look like. But most of the fun lies in the fact that you never know what image the computer will create!

The Internet Arcade is run by the Internet Archive and offers free-to-play arcade video games on their website ranging from the 1970s to the 1990s. They currently have more than 2600 video games in their library, including popular names like Q*bert, Street Fighter, and Pac-Man.

This is another art generator, but it’s powered by artificial intelligence. To use it, you just have to enter a prompt or a few keywords, pick an artstyle that you want the image to be generated in, and then wait to see what the website creates! It’s especially fun if you type in keywords of that one really weird dream you just had and see what happens.

Wordle is a brain teaser word-guessing game that recently gained a lot of popularity in January. Everyday there’s a new five-letter word in which you must attempt to guess in six guesses or less. Other variations of the game include Quordle (nine guesses to solve four words), Octordle (thirteen guesses to solve eight words), Globle (guess the country), and Flagle (guess the flag).

This interactive website acts as a musical time machine, where you can shuffle through different decades and countries to hear what was playing on the radio during that time period. There are countless songs to shuffle through, and you’ll discover a few hits along the way!

If you’re ever in need of a new movie or series to watch, agoodmovietowatch is the place to look. This website lets you filter through genres, streaming services, and moods/feelings so you can spend your time watching something you’ll enjoy.

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Lucas (he/him) is a transfer student and currently in his first year of Media Production, where he hopes to go into screenwriting. With a passion for photography, he almost always has his film camera with him capturing moments. In his free time, he likes to watch horror movies, listen to 2000s pop music, and do graphic design.