5 Restaurants on Ryerson Campus You Need to Visit

It’s safe to say that not spending time on campus at Ryerson this year has left many restaurants nearby that rely on foot traffic from students and nearby offices to thrive, in need of support. So many great spots shutdown this year, but many opened as well! 


If you find yourself downtown looking for a spot to grab a quick bite to eat, here are 5 of my favourite restaurants near Ryerson that you need to visit:

1. Canaima Cafe

This new spot just opened a month ago in the World Food Market. Specializing in Venezualan street food, you can find delicious items like crispy empanadas and arepas stuffed with hearty meats and cheeses. If you go, you absolutely must try their “chicha” a beverage made from rice, milks and spices that’s so flavourful and creamy you can’t stop taking sips.

2. Samba Brazil Eatery

This is the family-owned spot’s second location in the city, located in the World Food Market. They specialize in Brazilian street food and are most known for their salgados which translates to savoury snacks. On the menu, find must-try items pastels (crispy dough stuffed with savoury and sweet fillings) and coxinhas (deep fried tear drop shaped dough stuffed with chicken).

3. Pizza Shab

Pizza Shab serves up Halal-friendly pizzas just off of Bond Street. If you’re lining up for a coffee as Balzacs, why not drop by for pizza down the street? This spot serves pizza that’s layers upon layers. Their Supreme Chicken pizza is topped with everything but chicken. When you take a bite, is when you realize there’s actually a layer of chicken underneath all the cheese. They’re most known for their rollings pizza, which is folded dough cut into 5 slices and stuffed with toppings you’d find on your favourite pizza.

4. The Hummusiah

The Hummusiah shares a space with Pizza Shab. I’ve only ever been once, but if I was back on campus this year I definitely would’ve gone more often because their pita pockets weren’t only the perfect size for a quick and filling lunch, but they were so flavourful. Don’t skip out on the sauces here, they’re so tasty and really complete your order. You can also find a variety of fresh hummus and customize your order to fit your liking.

5. Choco Churro

If you’re craving something sweet, definitely make a stop at Choco Churro. This spot is on the outside of the World Food Market and was a must as a special treat at the end of a busy week. Their churros are so crispy and fried fresh per order. They’ve got a variety of sauces for toppings like dulce de leche and condensed milk, but their churro dough itself is so tasty on its own. 

More than ever it’s important to support our local independently owned restaurants and it’s pretty evident that the ones closest to post-secondary campuses are the ones losing out the most. Next time you’re looking for a place to eat, try supporting your campus favourites! They’re all available on Uber Eats too.

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