Top 5 Most Sing-able Disney Songs

As a part 2 from my previous article “Top 5 Most Rewatchable Disney Movies,”  I will now list the top 5 most whole chest-ing-ly, sing-able Disney songs. Once again, this is based on my personal favourite songs and what I like to sing at the top of my lungs; pretending that I can actually sing. This list will look into the Disney princess songs rather than Disney as a whole, and I have decided to not mention any of the songs from Tarzan (as stated in the previous article, ALL the songs are insanely wonderful and I can’t choose!).

5. Remember Me (Coco)

Now I know I said I was looking into Disney Princess songs, and the first one you see is not from a princess movie at all :’D This song is TOO good not to mention. I suggest those who haven’t watched this movie to do so immediately– it never fails to make me cry. The song is so pure and beautiful and I will pour all my emotions into singing it.

As you can see, from here, I started to get a bit indecisive and realized I couldn’t just pick one song from the movie. I mentioned ‘I’ll Make a Man Out of you’ in my previous article and my thoughts on it stay the same — It’s AMAZING! Now, ‘Reflection’ is such a heartfelt song that is also easy to sing along to and is a nice way to show off your vocals 😉

3. Kiss the Girl + Under the Sea (The Little Mermaid)

These two songs… what can I even say– It honestly speaks for itself. They’re so fun to sing, it’s upbeat, it makes you want to shout the lyrics, it makes you want to dance. What more can I say?

This! It is one of my favourite songs and I know it word for word! The lyrics are easy to remember, the melody is so fun, the Muses harmonizing in the background (I’ve already expressed my love for them in my previous article)– overall an 11 out of 10 song.

1. Into the Unknown (Frozen 2)

For those searching for ‘Let it Go’ or ‘Love is an Open Door’ on this list, here it is. I didn’t want to add songs from the same movie into the same list, so I will make mention of them now. Let me start by saying that ‘Let it Go’ and ‘Into the Unknown’ have the same energy– I would SHOUT the lyrics and act as if I am Elsa and no one can tell me I sound terrible. The confidence and emotions that shine through my cracking voice is unmatched. ‘Love is an Open Door’ on the other hand is such a fun duet– grab a friend, choose a character, and SING!

It was honestly quite difficult to single out only 5 songs out of ALL the Disney princess movies, so of course there will be some honourable mentions: 

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