If You Liked… – Album Recommendations Based on Your Favourite Albums

Searching for good music can be hard, especially as a student. Though it’s easier now more than ever with Spotify’s curated playlist culture, it can still be difficult. We’re busy, calendar filled to the brim with deadlines. Spending our time searching for music and figuring out whether we like it or not is not exactly the best use of time. Sometimes we’re not sure if this one song in a playlist will actually lead to anything good.


Thankfully, I’ve done the work for you today! I’ve compiled a list of popular albums from the past couple of years or so and paired them with albums I think you’ll like that are a little less popular, but still very similar. Today, we’re going to be expanding our tastes, broadening our horizons, and listening to more music. Let’s go!

If You Liked Dua Lipa’s Future Nostalgia, You’ll Like… Jessie Ware’s What’s Your Pleasure?

First up, we have Jessie Ware and her wonderfully dancy, disco 2020 album What’s Your Pleasure?. It hits many of Future’s Nostalgia marks: sexy vocals, catchy hooks, and fantastic 80s inspired production. It’s got it all, and every song on What’s Your Pleasure? packs its own effortlessly breezy punch.


Standout Tracks: Spotlight, What’s Your Pleasure?, Mirage (Don’t Stop)

If You Liked Taylor Swift’s Folklore / Evermore, You’ll Like… Haley Heynderickx’s I Need To Start A Garden

If you’ve liked Taylor’s recent, more intimate output, you’ll enjoy Haley Heynderickx too. A Filipino-American singer-songwriter, Haley uses both quiet guitar work that swells into a full band, and soft hums that turn into her just belting it out, much like Taylor’s work. Haley crafts eight melancholic, reflective, and atmospheric songs that still have a powerful edge to them in I Need To Start A Garden that are worth listening to.


Standout Tracks: The Bug Collector, Worth It, Oom Sha La La

If You Liked Frank Ocean’s Blonde, You’ll Like… Sampha’s Process

Sampha is by no means an unknown artist. But it’s also been four years since his last album and I feel like Process gets lost in the discourse. Filled with snappy, dreamy production, as well as interesting and introspective vocals from Sampha himself, it’s right in line with what people love about Frank Ocean. With his own twist, Sampha makes a lovely R&B, art-pop album in Process.


Standout Tracks: Blood On Me, (No Know Knows Me) Like The Piano, Incomplete Kisses

If You Liked Rex Orange County’s Pony You’ll Like… Lianne La Havas’ Self-Titled Album (Lianne La Havas)

They’re not exactly the same, but Lianne La Havas hits that same spot that Rex Orange County does. Lianne La Havas has the same intimate, soulful, and confessional lyrics Rex is known for, as well as the dreamy, soothing production. Also, Lianne has an incredibly beautiful voice. It’s stunningly romantic and honest, and well worth the listen.


Standout Tracks: Can’t Fight, Paper Thin, Please Don’t Make Me Cry

Listen to them all here: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/5dhLTBvQuj6Btq7OTQU9oo?si=dc62b2b3fd984722

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